Thursday, January 13, 2011

Quick Quips

A conversation between Curly & I:
"When will our baby grow up bigger?"
"He grows up a little bit every day."
"So he growed up some today?"
"But he's still just a cuter and cuter little boy when he's growing bigger."

Star Wars lingo from Little O:
"Where my Koo-Ker?"
"Mom doesn't understand who Koo-Ker is."
He runs off and returns with a Star Wars DVD case. Pointing to Darth Vader, he says: "He Koo-Ker."
"Why do you call him Koo-Ker?"
(Breathing like Darth Vader) "Koooooo, Ker. Koooooo, Ker."

Hubba's inquiring mind led to this:
"Mom, why is there two g's on the baby's diapers?"
"It's part of the name for the diapers: Huggies."
"HUGgies? Why are they called Huggies?"
"Because they hug the baby's bum."
"Why do they hug his bum?"
"So the poop won't come out."
"Oh... yeah. Sometimes I hug my bum, too."

Some one-liners:

(Hubba farts.) "Whoa! I flew a little with that one!"

Curly: "You should eat more and more so your tummy can get really fat and you can have another cute little baby!"

(Hubba, to a girl at our door talking to Coolister) "Hey, guess what? I farted!"

(Little O, shaking the hand of his new baby brother) "Nice to meet you, baby!"

Hubba is admiring his new baby brother. The baby lets out a little toot and Hubba says, "Awww! He can fart cute little farts! He's just perfect for our family!"

(Are you sensing a theme in Hubba's life right now?)


Rachel said...

Must be the age....... Mr. J is seriously obsessed with that and burping. Glad to know it is not just my house that is full of hot air!!

Richard & Natalie said...

My kindergartener is into farting now too. Like Rachel said- must be the age. His older brothers don't help any either.

Brown Thumb Mama said...

Alright Hubba! Sounds just like our house. Except that they never seem to grow out of it around here...

Teachinfourth said...

Wow, your family is all about noises, aren't they?


Sarah said...

Wow, talk about LAUGHING OUT LOUD!!! I have tears running down my face from those precious cute quips!! Thanks so much for sharing!