Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Shout Out!

A friend called last week to ask me, "Do you know of any good dentists in the area?" And yes, I most certainly do. I get calls like this occasionally and am always glad to share.

Today someone asked if I had a hair stylist that I like. Oh, yes, yes, yes. Not just like, but love.

So, my friends, today I present you with a list of people/places/services that I would gladly recommend. You know, just in case you were wondering. And for those of you who don't live near me, scroll down to see some places that I love on the www.

For locals:

The BEST dentist's office (even the littlest kids love going for check-ups!) is Christiansen Dental. They do great, quality work and are friendly, personable and caring. Case in point: Dr. C heard about my broken leg incident and called to see how I was doing. What does that have to do with my teeth? Nothing! But he's a genuinely nice guy who cares about his patients - and makes visits to the dentist a stress-free, even pleasant experience.

Need car repairs? Here's a trustworthy auto repair shop: Mitchell's Garage. I can't remember who recommended this place to us but we have been happy with all of the work we've had done on our vehicles there. Finding a repair shop you can trust is a big deal and we have come to trust the guys here at Mitchell's.

Want to get a haircut? Call Raylene at David Douglas Salon. All of the girls in our family go to her and we always leave happy. She makes you feel like a beauty queen or rock star or whatever place in between you're comfortable with. Trust me, you'll love her.

The best place for dessert on a Saturday night is Gloria's Little Italy - hands down! Why Saturday night? Because all of their delectable, authentic Italian desserts (made fresh daily!) are half-priced on Saturday nights since they are closed on Sundays. And if you don't like layers of flaky filo dough, rich Italian cream and hazelnut then I still have one word for you: Gelato.

How long has it been since you've had family pictures taken? You need to call Jason at Backroads Photography. Let's put it this way: I have lots of kids and he can make them all smile. At the same time! Plus, he makes us look really good. Maybe you just need some new decorative photos to adorn your home? He's got those, too. Check him out.

Any questions? Leave me a comment or send me an email (gerbdonna at gmail).

On the internets (coincidentally, all free stuff):

Need to wish someone a happy birthday? Issue a formal apology? Send a note of thanks? Check out the Bureau of Communication. I'm a lover of handwritten notes, but if you've got to send an email, this is the way to go. It's just quirky enough to make it fun.

Have you ever been a bit leery of letting your kids watch a certain movie because you're not sure what exactly to expect? Then Kids in Mind is the place you seek. It's almost humorous how detailed they are in their descriptions of every teeny little thing that could be found offensive or off-color.

As a service to busy kidnappers, joshuarey.com offers a ransom note generator. Just type in your text, press enter and you have a lovely ransom note from letters cut out of magazines and newspapers. Brilliant.

Does someone you know own an Easy Bake oven? Then you need this website. Instead of buying all of those expensive mixes at the store, Budget101 has a whole plethora of mini-sized recipes you can make from ingredients in your pantry. And as a bonus: these taste better than the packaged mixes, too. Who knew you could cook such tasty little treats with a light bulb?

*No one asked me to write this post or compensated me in any way. I just really, really love these people/places/services and think they deserve a shout-out.
Plus I've seen these kind of disclaimers on other blogs and I thought it would make me look cool. Holla!


Richard & Natalie said...

Richard took me to Gloria's Little Italy and I loved it! And we didn't even try dessert- if I would've known about the half off deal we would have.
I ditto your sentiments about Jason at Backroads Photography. Some of my favorite photos are ones he has taken.

Rachel said...

You. Are. Awesome!!! Love this type of post.

Angela said...

wow thanks for the info I well have to try the hair cutting place. My Dad loves Mitchells and my Grandmas house is two doors away my Dad got stuck out front in the snow and he didnt even have to ask they came right over and pulled him out for free.

Connie said...

Alright, Gerb, I don't know what to say. I have been looking through your blog and am in tears over your trials and your tender mercies!
What a blessing to have older children to help out during this time.
Love your secret ingredient for your pizza.
Oh yeah, and this post...it's good to know these things. I agree with Jason being an awesome photographer!

Autumn said...

Thanks for the tips. I must tell you 2 of the best places to get something to eat in Provo. Whenever I am down there I try to drop in and get a cupcake from Cocoa Bean. Cupcakes are pretty trendy right now and in my opinion over rated until I tried these ones. They truly are amazing! Also best Thai restaurant ever is Thai Mango by Cafe Rio. You must try their Coconut soup and I love their panang curry and a side of peanut sauce for dipping rice in. Plus with every entree that comes with rice they give you 1 free refill even if its sticky rice. They are the most economical and delicious Thai I have ever had. This was really long so I think I may blog about this.

Miss Griffiths said...

Thanks so much! Love the recommendations - I bookmarked this! (:

Teachinfourth said...

Gerb, I logged onto your blog to read what was up and was given a shout-out. You, my friend, are awesome.

Oh, and I echo Autumn's recommendation. I went to the Thai Mango last night with friends and it was simply AMAZING. It was the best Thai food I've ever eaten...and I liked everything we ordered.

N & C - Thanks. You guys are too kind.

wendysue said...

Yes to Dr. Christiansen! As soon as I pulled up that site, I recognized him! He went to Dental School here in Nebraska and is an amazing guy! Fun to see his smiling face again!