Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thrifty Thursday

For those of you who live in my vicinity, there's a smokin' deal on flour tortillas at the Wonder Bread Thrift Store right now! They have an over-abundance of their flour tortilla 10-packs, so they're selling them at 5 packs for $2.00! If you won't use that many, you can buy 1 package for 50 cents. Awesome!

Yes, I feed a small army, but here are some ideas of how to use your overabundance of tortillas:

-Tortilla roll-ups (put whatever you want on the tortilla: peanut butter & jelly, cream cheese with ham, peanut butter and apples, etc. then roll it up and slice it into little wheels. Yum!)
-Cinnamon sugar crisps
-Homemade tortilla chips

Go get yourself some!


H.L. said...


cari said...

I'm there! Thanks for letting us know!.
(They also freeze well so I'm not sure they're will be any left after I leave!)

Chelle! said...

Oh, I love tortillas. Thanks for the info. YEA!!! I am on my way to the store!!

Gina said...

Mother of nine and mother for us all. Thanks! You are great.

Farscaper said...

Where is this store? Do they have aluminum in the ingredients? (Can't get 'em if they do). I usually make my own because they taste better and are cheaper. For that price... I can't beat that.

Gerb said...

You know, when they start to mold but you can't bear throwing them away - just let the kids loose in the yard with them.

It's right next to Jones Paint and Glass. Call me if you want an exact address! (BTW, they do have aluminum sulfate)