Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Coincidence? I Think Not...

We purchased our refrigerator almost 12 years ago, when we built our house. It was not what you'd call top-of-the-line... in fact, it was one of the least expensive models available at Future Shop at the time. But, hey - we were all about cheap.

A couple of years ago, the freezer stopped working. Allen took it apart, put it back together, and voila! it was up and running again. Awesome.

A couple weeks ago, we noticed the same freezer symptoms - some items were thawing, others were remaining rock solid - but it was manageable. We could eat ice cream sandwiches in bowls, and it was cold enough that nothing was going bad.

And then the refrigerator stopped refrigerating, which we discovered when Allen opened one of our 3 gallons of milk and declared it "blinky" (if you drank it, your face would start making that grimace where your eyes blink). One gallon was salvageable, the others went down the drain. Drat. (I was going to say "crap" but I'm trying not to say that anymore because I don't like hearing my kids say it.)

We took the beast apart, put it back together, and...it still didn't work. But man, was it clean! Unfortunately, clean, non-functioning refrigerators do not keep your food cold. Double drat.

We called a friend whose fridge was similarly dysfunctional and she recommended we call Don: the Refrigerator Whisperer. The man has worked his magic on appliances for over 40 years. He came over late Saturday night to look over our beloved Frigidaire, gave it a hearty shake and told us to wait and see what happened overnight.

We anxiously awoke Sunday morning to find that our freezer was working like a refrigerator and our refrigerator was working like a storage compartment. Progress!

Don came again on Monday, hoses and gauges and thermometers (oh my!) in hand. He fed the old Frigidaire some refrigerant, checked for pressure and leaks, and took its temperature. Things were looking good! The temperature was dropping! But alas, Don took his hat in his hands and with down-turned eyes declared our icebox incurable. We accepted its fate and went to look for a replacement.

After extensive online research and visits to various sales floors, we narrowed it down to two possibilities with the intention of returning later to make our final purchase. Upon our return home, we checked the fridge's temperature again. The freezer was freezing! The fridge was frigid! What small miracle had occurred to give us a last chance with our aging appliance? Many would say it was a coincidence that our faithful Frigidaire was no longer on the blink.

I say it was evidence.

Evidence of what, you ask? That we are blessed. Call me silly, but I think that someone upstairs is watching out for us, and I try to recognize the blessings He gives as such.

Spoiled milk? $10.
New refrigerator? around $800.
Blessings from heaven? Priceless.


Farscaper said...

Isn't that a great blessing!!

I've had something like this happen time after time again. Just wait and watch. The second you get your tax refund or some bit of cash it will go out again. But, at least you'll have the cash to pay for it. You can look at it this way - you've already done your homework and have an idea of what's out there and how much it's going to cost you for when it does go out for real.

mommeeof9 said...

If I had to choose a refridgerator again, I would choose the all fridge one they have at sear and a smaller seperate freezer. The side by side fridge section is barely large enough for us and the freezer is too small. Yet the freezer a neighbor gave us frequently runs mostly empty, so we unplugged it. We will use up whatever is in the fridge freezer before we buy more frozen stuff.

Teachinfourth said...

I suppose if you needed ice I could just come over and get you a chunk out of my heart...

Chelle! said...

I love those kind of stories--those ones that cause to really be grateful and recognize the blessings from above. Gerb, you are amazing and thanks for sharing.

Gina said...

Thanks for recognizing and sharing the blessing. I love the detail of your story...well, all your stories. You deserve these great blessings.

To agree with "mommeeof9," I would never buy a side by side either. They just don't store the things I want. I don't like that I can't put a cookie sheet or a turkey in my fridge.

annette said...

Laugh all you want, but I had 2 pairs of pantyhose that lasted my whole mission. I thought it a strange but sweet blessing from the Lord, intended to remind me that He is mindful of EVERY needful thing.

cari said...

It's because you guys are so darn good! That's awesome!

Trish said...

All I can say is ...Amen! :)

Gerb said...

Funny thing is, we were thinking it was a good time because those "Economic Stimulus" checks are here. But I wanted a fence - not a fridge. Blessings!!

Thanks for the advice, those are things I had not thought about.

That just makes me think of the song "Cold-Hearted Snake" from the 80's. Or Professor Coldheart from the Care Bears cartoon.

Your amazingness must rub off on me some.

I tried a cookie sheet sideways in the fridge we have - but didn't have a turkey to experiment with. We were thinking of a side-by-side, but don't have to worry about it now!

Wow...no holes in the toes or anything? That is pretty amazing.

Aw, shucks. Thanks.

And can I hear a "HALLELUJAH!" ??