Friday, May 23, 2008

I Spy Memorial Day Weekend

(The crew visiting the cemetery in 2007)

Every Memorial Day weekend for the past 6 years I like to take my kids to our local cemetery to visit my Dad's grave.

I like to tell them stories about him.

I am afraid they will forget him, and that makes me sad.

One thing I tell them every year is that he loved Spiderman because the web-slinger's hands look like the sign for "I love you" when he's ready to shoot.
(Sign language version)

(Spiderman version)

If you're at my local cemetery this Memorial Day weekend, you can play a large-scale version of "I Spy". See if you can find my dad's grave site - it's got the sign language "I love you" hand on it.

If you need a hint: it's near a paved road.


annette said...

I love that you do this. What a great way to help your kids remember their grandpa.

Teachinfourth said...

Once-again, you astound me!

~j. said...

We will look for it when we go visit our son's grave.

Farscaper said...

I miss visiting my grandparent's and my brother's graves. Most of them are in AZ and I have another bro buried in Kansas. We use to visit them twice a year. I loved that time. Very calming. I felt so much closer to them when we visited and it made it very hard to forget about them. What a great tradition you have going there. Keep it up. Your kids will appreciate it.

Rebecca said...

How come 8 kids in that photo don't look like so many? I had to count them twice, to make sure they were all there. :)

I wish we had a family gravesite close enough to visit tomorrow, but you've inspired me to try and think of some way to honor our least I could read some stories from our family history with my children this weekend. Thanks!

cari said...

That's awesome.