Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Have You Seen Me?

Do you get this magazine? Because I don't. I have some published words in it, and I'd like to see them. They said they'd send me a copy, but I didn't get one - and I can't find one at the store. (I'm not complaining...I did get the check they said they'd send me, which was pretty cool!) Does anyone have a copy I could look at?

I'd be much obliged.


Chelle! said...

I have not seen it, but I must find one. Of course, you must autograph it for me. WOW!!! I know a celebrity!!!

Teachinfourth said...

I found THESE words of yours online: "There's no better way to forget your own stress," says mom Gerberta, "than by serving someone else." It's a phenomenon that author Kathleen Hall refers to as helper's high. "Your body actually produces endorphins when you help others."

I searched a bit and found it here: (bottom paragraph).

BTW, you aren't going to freelance now, are you?

Maleen said...

I have a copy of the magazine if you would like it. I get one every month, so I am sure I could give up this one to a famous author (wink). Just talk to Michelle and tell her to get it from Maleen. She will know who you are talking about. I will try to remember to bring it in.