Thursday, May 1, 2008

STILL Still Here

Today should be the day.

I am just waiting on a call from the hospital, letting me know they are ready for me.

That's the thing about living where I do - people here like to have babies.

Which means the maternity floor is always crowded.

Which means that even if you are a week overdue, you wait.

But if you go into labor on your own, you are welcome to come in anytime.

It makes me feel like I'm naughty for being induced.

At this point, I don't care.

Wasn't it nice of this little boy to wait until May?

The only months we have left now are August and December.

Whatever that means.

The phone is still not ringing.

But I'm having a baby sometime today!


cari said...

What a great May Day present! I hope they call soon!

Hi! said...


I remember saying I want him out. Do what you have to do to get him out. I wasn't a week late though. Come to think of it maybe that would have been better for him.

Boyd and Sarise said...

Woohoo! Yay for Gerb! We are so very excited for you.

Too bad though, if you'd waited another week *wink* we could have seen each other in the doctors office again.

~j. said...

WOAH, they gave me the "short on nurses" line, too. My call came during our family prayer asking for it, at 9:45 that morning. I hope you're at the hospital now. Best wishes!!

Chelle! said...

YIPPEE SKIPPEE!!! He is coming today!!!! (I hope)!!!

Rebecca said...

It's not just your happy hometown that is full of baby-makers. We get the same story from our hospital here, which sort of surprises me. But I'm sure today will be your day. It's just one more way pregnancy tries to teach a person patience!

Rebecca said...

P.S. I'm trying to figure out how you covered 10 months of the year with only 9 kids....this is #9, right?! Am I losing it?

Anyway, I can tell you that it's no treat to have a December b-day. (Well, Lauren doesn't seem to mind, but I think it's unfortunate for her!) So if you decide to shoot for one or the other someday in the future, I'd go for August before December. Just a thought.

Shellie said...

Woo hoo!!! Yippeee!

Cherie said...

Thinking of you!! (I'm just going to have to email Bec way far away to get the 411 on our Gerbie a block away) :D

los juárez

Teachinfourth said...

Congrats on your new arrival. I talked to "A, The Elder" who filled me in on the birth of the newest Black edition.

Hope he's as much fun as the others are...

Farscaper said...

CONGRATS on the little babe. Poo on those nurses... making you wait. YOU!!! If you'd been a first or second time mom then OK.. But, you've paid your dues and then some. You should get the complimentary shower cap and robe after all the dues you've paid.

Sunday, they were so casual about announcing the birth. When your hubby got up in testimony meeting we ALL were expecting him to say something... anything. Nope! We had to beg in RS for someone to let us in on your secret.

CONGRATS!!!! BTW.. if you don't know who this is... I'm 6'1" and I do our ward newsletter. ;-) (I don't use personal names online when I can help it) ((HUGS))