Thursday, April 3, 2008

Three for Thursday

My husband is a man of many talents, a jack-of-all-trades you could say. He is humble about it though, and wouldn't admit half of them if asked. (And because I don't want to completely embarrass him, I will keep them to myself, too. For now.) I do want to share a little, though. I mean, can't I brag? I decided that all would be well and good if I just shared 3 things. And these are 3 things he has created using the same talent: woodworking. The most amazing thing about his skill with wood is that the blueprints are all in his head. Here are 3 of his most recent creations:

First, this cute toddler bed, complete with removable rails. Doesn't little Curly-head look perfectly content?
Next, this beautiful room. Our 2 oldest girls got their own room as a Christmas gift a couple years ago. He built them matching dressers, framed the window and refinished the bed all in the same color. He designed and built the wainscot, some shelves above the closet and door, and came up with the idea of the wood ceiling. Awesome.
And now, a work in progress, our front room. It was one of those unused-to-its-full-potential rooms, the kind we only sat in when someone came to visit. So we decided to turn it into a library and study. It has been a work in progress for quite some time, but the wait will be well worth it. The ceiling is almost completely finished:
And this is the bay window:
I can't wait to show off the finished product!

P.S. Someday, when he is retired and has his own woodworking business for fun, he can build stuff for you, too.


Rebecca said...

Doug and I had a discussion just this morning about how he sometimes forgets to give me important messages. (I was a little frustrated!) He admitted his mistake, but then he reminded me that he does have some redeeming qualities. The first one he listed: How well he takes it when Emily beats him at Checkers. But I'm not sure that's blog-worthy. Anyhow, we're always impressed with Allen's creations, as well as his time management, because I know those projects are not quick & simple!

Anonymous said...

You meant to say, "his own show on the D.I.Y. Network!" For those of you who do not know (Gerb) D.I.Y. stands for Do It Yourself.

-Gerb's bro

Gerb said...

Doug's a better man than me. (or something like that, not being a man myself...) I don't take it so well when my kids beat me, but I pretend it's no big deal. There's my "redeeming quality".

Just because I can't pronounce focaccia doesn't mean I don't know what D.I.Y. means...

Trish said...

I can't wait to see the finished product either...the craftsmanship is unreal.

Anonymous said...

But can you say leiannakanna-annakannadonna?