Saturday, April 5, 2008

FREE Stuff

I love to clean.

OK, not all the time. In fact, not most of the time. But I do love those days where I have the time and energy to do a good, deep clean and come up with bags and boxes full of treasures for someone to find at D.I. I go through my rooms with this mindset: If we were moving next week, would I want to take this with me? Anyway, today has been one of those 'purging stuff' days, and I have some great things to get rid of. One thing I keep encountering on these days of cleaning frenzy are pictured above: Pampered Chef Valtrompia Bread Tubes. I got 2 of them (flower and heart) as a gift from my mom about 5 years ago but have never had occasion (or, more likely, time) to use them. They are still in the boxes, unused, and it seems wrong to drop them off at D.I., so in my closet they remain, taking up needed space.

Anyone use bread tubes? Anyone want to?

I have heard they make fun banana bread shapes. You can also make fudge in them so it's a fun, new design besides the standard squares. A while back I read about a lady who made French bread in them for a fun twist. If I make any of these things, I just do it the standard way. So here's the deal...

If you want these, you can have them. Even if you live far away, I would be happy to mail them to you. The first response I get in my comments from someone who is creative in the kitchen and likes fun items like this can have them.

Any takers?


ablackman said...

Heck no, they look like pipe bombs.

Rebecca said...

I have the flower tube, and I like it. I bought it from a post on craiglist, specifically for a baby shower I was hosting, because the lady who hosted my own bridal shower used them to make some delicious sweet breads for the gourmet brunch spread she made for me. Oh my goodness, that was so nice and so yummy. Anyhow, I don't want them, but I just thought I'd put a plug in there for anyone else who's considering them. I use the P.C. recipe that comes with it for cinnamon swirl bread, and it is super easy and yummy and pretty.

~j. said...

I say bring them to DI. I brought some stuff there the other day (smoothie maker -- works fine, but we just always use our blender) and had a nice talk with two of my daughters about how we don't bring only broken things to DI (I think maybe they thought it was just a big trash can or something). Conference weekend is always my big clean & purge weekend, too.

Katie said...

Do they just go in the oven? I think it sounds fun! I wouldn't mind trying it out. Can I have them or am I too late?

Gerb said...

They look like something you'd use for one of your kids parties. I'm not surprised you already have one!

Around my neighborhood people can't believe the nice stuff I take to D.I. instead of yard-saleing it. I've decided I'd rather have the blessings than the cash. Doesn't it feel GREAT to deep-clean, especially when you'll be bringing home a new little one soon?

They're yours! I'll bring them next time I come over.