Friday, April 25, 2008

Silent Sentinels

My favorite time of day is twilight - when the sun just begins to sink below the horizon, casting shadowy pictures all around. A close second would be midnight - when I am up in the mountains or in some place away from the bright lights of the world and the stars in the sky are countless and brilliant. I get to experience the night sky in all its beauty when I camp, which is one reason that I love to do so. Last year when I was lucky enough to attend Young Women's Camp with our church, I had time to enjoy the earth's beauty, in solitude, in the darkness.

The colors of midnight
Shroud the earth
Yet hope shines through
Tiny pinpricks of light
Revealing a fraction of heaven


Rebecca said...

I'm trying to uncover a hidden message in this post...but maybe there is none.
Were you not sleeping well last night? :)

Teachinfourth said...

I camp for much of the same reason, Gerb...hope you're doing well.

A Conservative's View said...

Twilight has always freaked me out honestly. First, there was show. Did you ever see the one where the grandfather is about to die and calls over his family to spend his dying moments with him. They are all money hungry for his estate. He has them put on these hideous masks. The face on the masks sticks to them for good.
Freaky!!! Plus, when is twilight? I can never get anyone to nail that down for me. I mean, if I want to stay out of the Twilight Zone, I've got to know when it know?