Friday, October 12, 2007

There Are Two Seasons in Washington...Winter and August

I have returned from my Washington trip, and I must say, it's always a great time at the Larson's! How can a trip go wrong when you are met at the airport with your very own 6-pack of waxy chocolate mini-donuts?? Rebecca and I shared in many adventures, including a shop-til-you-drop day of perusing through people's yard sale treasures in the misty rain, plenty of game-playing fun (always a must with Rebecca, even if she does always win),
Cute little Hannah's repeated asking, "What's your name again?"
A little karaoke with the Larson girls,
Good food galore, especially when prepared by Rebecca herself (I DID like the Thai food, too!),
And a drive-by of a creek which shares the name of a music group I enjoy!

To be honest, I can't do the trip justice after reading Rebecca's version...maybe you should just read it, too: Good Times With Gerb

Thanks for a fun weekend Rebecca, Doug & girls! Let's do it again sometime.


laura said...

Congratulations on #9! Was that your sneaky way of announcing? You are amazing!

I found a video of third-grade Allen that I need to send you. I'll try to do it soon.

Rebecca said...

Is it just my computer screen, or do my BFF and my daughter both have striking blue eyes? Wow. :)
It's pretty slow and quiet without you here.
Next time, you'll have to come for the spring sale. I promise it's much more exciting.

Cami said...

Glad you had a fun trip.

Shellie said...

You look really familiar, I think maybe I have met you at some Utah State interpreter thing or at the deaf ward in Provo? I always remember faces till the day I die, but that's about all I remember unfortunately.

Gerb said...


I'm SURE we must know each other. I just went and looked all over your blog for a picture of you, to no avail. I noticed you were an interpreter from the last comment you left on my blog, but since it said English/Spanish, I assumed it wasn't ASL.

Email me at gerbdonna at gmail and we'll have to discuss the particulars. I love making connections, but don't want to go into too much detail here! (you know, in case some freaky stalker reads my blog)