Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Are YOU An Acronym?

I was born an acronym. I came into this world as a CODA (Child Of Deaf Adults) and acronyms have been following me ever since.

It wasn't until after my family became LDS (members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, best known as Mormons) that I realized what a complex language acronyms can be in and of themselves!

So I wrote a song about it. A parody, really.

I was asked to emcee a talent show at church a few years back and was worried that I would be lacking in material to keep the audience entertained between the various lip-syncs and ballroom dance numbers. I had jokes. I had funny stories. I even practiced my accordion in anticipation of my big night, but nothing seemed enough, so I wrote a song about the acronyms found in daily conversations between those of the LDS faith. If you are not LDS, you may think, "What's the big deal?" Actually, if you are LDS, you may think the same thing. But here goes:

"Making Love Out Of Nothing At All" Originally by Air Supply

"LDS Life" Parody by Gerberta

My family was converted when I was eight years old

We loved this new religion - the missionaries called us "gold"!

I learned what CTR means from attending Primary

But I was unaware back then of Mormon acronym vocabulary!

When I joined the MIA, my friends liked to go TP

I went along but felt unworthy Sunday morning at BYC

Then my MIA Maid president told me all about EFY

And how the boy she had met didn’t mind PDA

and they would NCMO at the dances each night!

Well, I thought it sounded special, so I flew to SLC

Then I rode UTA to attend EFY, but they dropped me at the JSB!

And I didn’t know where the WILK was,

It was my first time at the “Y”…but I found my way around there and I knew…

This was LDS life. (repeat 5 times)

Look at me now, I’ve had 6 miracles and we drive an SUV.

My husband’s not a GA, but we have FHE and read D&C.

He goes to PEC & PPI and every last Sunday we do HT & VT.

We listen to KSL every day until three & our kids watch KBYU faithfully.

And, oh my heck, I forgot to mention that he graduated from UVSC!

We look forward to the day when we will have a missionary.

And he can learn the discussions and he’ll SYL while he is there in the MTC!

When he gets out in the field he’ll do a lot of BRT.

And then he could be a ZL, or maybe a DL, heck, he might even be the AP!

When he’s done he’ll return with honor, and find himself a wife.

And they’ll do all the same things that we did – that’s how it is.

That is LDS life. (sing to fade)

Okay, THIS IS A TEST...Did you get all the acronyms?


~cari~ said...

Everything but NCMO. What's that? (should I dare ask?)

Very fun! I bet you were a hit!

Rebecca said...

Ah, good times with the SS3! How come I don't have that one on VHS? I only have the Bionic Woman song, I think. Wasn't this the song that David Glassford gonged, and wouldn't let you finish?

Rebecca said...

P.S. Move here by me, and you could have that hair with no effort at all! :)

Gerb said...


NCMO = Non-Committal Make-Out
So glad you asked!!


Gong Show = stupid idea. I refused to emcee after that deal. (or maybe they never asked me again...)

Shellie said...

Great song. The only one I didn't get was BRT

annette said...

We knew all but one. What is the "I" in MIA? (Mutual I? Association) This was soooo fun to read! Anna and I played the air supply song in the background while we tried to sing it. We did pretty well, but got lost at the end. Maybe you could sing it for us sometime. We would all love to see you emcee again!

Anonymous said...

I'm a CODA, You're a CODA, wouldn't ya like to be a CODA too!

I didn't get very many but it was fun to read!


Gerb said...

Shellie: BRT = Building Relationships of Trust

Annette: MIA = Mutual Improvement Association. The end does get a little tricky. After a few tries, you'd get it down.

Codadiva: I have learned there are 2 kinds of CODAs - the kind that embraced the culture and loved it or the kind who hated it and became resentful and now attend CODA meetings to vent about it. Which are you?

Brooke said...

Hi! I am Gina's friend, Brooke. :) I LOVE this--so creative!!!! I'm going to have to remember this one.

Cami said...

Very funny! I would love to see it performed live. Maybe for our next enrichment activity we'll have a talent show. You could be the star of the show!

I got them all except for SYL. Maybe because I didn't serve a mission...

Gerb said...

Cami: SYL = Speak Your Language

I got a bunch of these from Allen when I wrote the song. I had never heard of them before, either.

Julie said...

Wow. I only missed BRT. Is it scary that I knew all the rest? Yeah, I'm thinkin' it is.

Julie said...

Now you need to do one about someday becoming an MIL. You're already a SIL.