Monday, October 15, 2007

You're Welcome

You're Welcome
(found in the life history of my husband's maternal grandmother)

You're welcome little stranger babe,
As welcome as the spring
That drives the winter gloom away
And brings the birds to sing.
The boon of love you brought to me
Was like a gift divine
To build and hold us heart to heart
Forever, baby mine.

Look at that sweet face. Is it any wonder why we keep having babies? For those of you who didn't get my somewhat elusive post-announcement, I am pregnant! Due around May of 2008, and excited at the idea of another sweet little squishy-cheeked person joining the family.

As I have shared my news, (and even before!) I have discovered many others who are joining me in the journey.

Welcoming Baby #1 are:
Sister-in-law Nancy
The Fabulous CJane
One of my former YW, Kortnie!

Welcoming Baby #2:
Elle's Sunday School teacher, Erika

Welcoming Baby #3:
Sister-in-law Trina
Sabrina, Cutest Mom of Boys (and soon a GIRL!)
Fellow church secretary, Valeri
Eden's "church-teacher", Sarah

Welcoming Baby #4:
(and BOY #1!) Sister-in-law Michelle
Cousin Julie, AKA Pottymouth Mom

Welcoming Baby #5:
BFF Rebecca, who has done this with me simultaneously before!

Anyone I don't know of yet?

Come on, everybody's doing it. You know you want to, too.


Cami said...

If I keep the same pattern (in following Sabrina), I'll be pregnant about a year from now, and it will be a boy.

Sabrina and I have been pretty much in sync with the whole baby thing, I've just been about a year behind. Go figure!

Rebecca said...

Kortnie is pregnant? Weird...but awesome. I think Katie F. should follow along, don't you?

annette said...

That is the sweetest baby pic. Did you take that? I enjoy your pictures! I love photography- I gotta learn to do that someday.

Cami said...

P.S. LOVE the picture of little Hubba! So sweet.

Billings Family said...

Yes, I do want too. This is the first time that I don't blink and get prego. # 6 can't wait for that! Okay! SOOOO Happy for you Gerb. You guys are awesome, and you need to write a book so I can totally learn from you! You have been my example since I was little, and you still are!

Shellie said...

I do but I'll wait a handful of years for the grandkids. I believe in delayed gratification :)