Monday, October 22, 2007

Winter Wonderland

Look at what we woke up to yesterday morning! I promise, it was much more beautiful than my picture appears. It was the best photo I could take half-concealed from the front door in my PJs.

I guess this means no more garden-fresh tomatoes this year?



~cari~ said...

Snow in October is just wrong! Rain is a good thing but no snow in October, I say! (Not that what "I say" means anything!) I want to enjoy the rest of fall. I really hope we don't get any more until after Thanksgiving.

allaboy said...

wow,it looks like a forest!!!
good job gerb!

Cami said...

Has anyone asked you if you had a tornado of tumble weeds blow through your yard? :)

I'm guessing it's all in the name of the Haunted House.

Gerb said...


I haven't had much time to blog or do anything the last few days...the Haunted House is coming together, and it's not even fair to last year's display to compare the two!

Drive by today and you'll see what the "tumbleweeds" were for.