Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sky Sparkles and Frozen Rain

One day last week the snow fell like pieces of glitter outside my window.  When I went outside to drive the kids to school the snow swirled around with every footstep.  It was so light that it made me think of tiny, frozen feathers blowing around my driveway.  As I brushed the snow from the windows of the van I created my own little blizzard of floating sparkles.  I kind of wanted to freeze the moment (no pun intended) because for some unexplainable reason it filled my soul with happiness.

When I came inside I showed Little O the glittery snow as it continued to fall.  He told me, "It is sky-sparkles falling to the top of the snow because that's where it lives so it can make the snow look all sparkled and beautiful."  How could I not love that?

The next day the world was an ice rink thanks to the strange occurrence of frozen rain.  Everything outside looked as though it were wet from rain but in reality just about every surface was covered with black ice.  It was a little scary - but also fascinating.  How can it be cold enough to create instant ice but warm enough for it to be raining instead of snowing?  I'm sure I could google it but it's more fun to wonder.

The last two days we have been blanketed with a thick layer of fresh snowfall.  The driving can be treacherous but when I'm sitting in my warm, cozy home looking out the window at the untouched snow in my yard, on the trees and fences and mailboxes and everything, I am in awe of this gift that falls from the skies.  Winters can be pretty barren and blah.  I love the way the world is instantly brightened by a blanket of fresh snow.

So yeah, the inversion has been gross.  And the freezing weather's not my favorite.  But, contrary to popular opinion, I'm really liking the snow.


Just SO said...

I love when it sparkles. It been doing that early in the morning when I go to work. Sparkling is beautiful.

Frozen rain...not so much.

Snow?? We need it. :)

Rachel said...

I feel the same way Gerb! I keep telling people I would much rather a white winter that reflects the light than a brown grey winter that is so drab and bleck!

HL said...

The cold hurts my body too much. I'll stick with my weather.