Sunday, January 27, 2013

Books I Read: The Seventeen Second Miracle

I had a friend come by the other day and bring this book to me from another friend.  I hadn't asked for it, but she must have known I would like it.  She was right.

I don't buy books until after I have read them and determined that they are worth my money and the space on our bookshelf.  This is a book that I will buy for our home library. 

This book focuses on service and consciously making an effort to perform some small act of service each day.  It also talks about recognizing the little things others do for us.  

The Seventeen Second Miracle is a story that was not only inspiring but one that I have been thinking about ever since I finished it.  You can read about the author's inspiration for the story and a bit of an explanation on how Seventeen Second Miracles work HERE.

I think that the thing I liked most about this book was the idea planted in my brain that if everyone, every day, looked for opportunities to do just one nice thing for someone else, and if we all learned to recognize the little things that family and friends and strangers do for us, this world would be a whole lot awesomer.  Call me an idealist or a dreamer or whatever you want, but I really do hope for these kind of things.  Which is probably why I liked this book.

You should read it too - and tell me what you think.


Richard & Natalie said...

I am on page 109 and I am loving it. Looks like I will be adding another book to my favorites list. Thanks for lending it to me. Consider it your Seventeen Second Miracle for yesterday.

Maleen said...

Hmmmm... that would be a great pick for November....just saying.

Jason Wright said...

So glad you enjoyed it! And I'm thrilled someone sent me the link :)

Corine said...

I've read it every Christmas for the past three years. Great book! :)