Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

 Still no spook alley, but plenty of Jack-o-lanterns to welcome the trick-or-treaters.

Halloween!  My favorite holiday.  Here are the costumes my crew chose this year, from the wee-est one to the high school senior (I think it's a safe bet that Allen the Younger dressed like a missionary).

Here's Baby X, in perfectly appropriate attire.  It's a miracle the hat is on long enough for this picture.  He sure makes a cute little devil, doesn't he?

This was another option for X.  He loved flapping the wings and saying 'bock-bock' for about 3 seconds and then he was done.  But I had to include the picture anyway because, well, he is the baby after all. 

Just try finding a cuter cowboy.  (Hint: impossible!)  The hat's from the dollar store, in case you wanted one.  

 Amelia Earhart.  Her favorite part was getting new boots to go with the outfit. 

Pretty much every year, this is what Hubba wants to be.  Unfortunately, his old pajamas got holes in the knees.  This new set is even better, though - not only did it come with a hat and gloves, it glows in the dark!  He kept making faces but I eventually got a sorta-smile out of him.
 Then he said, "Now do a scary one!"

Princess wanted to be a trash can (?) until we pulled out all of the old Halloween costumes.  When she saw All-a-Boy's old Jedi get-up, she was sold on being a Padawan.  (See the braid?  She's not a full-fledged Jedi yet.  She couldn't believe that almost no one noticed this.)

Cowgirl wanted to be a robot.  Then a pirate.  Then Penny Pingleton from Hairspray.  Or any of the above.  Once we found the shoes there was no turning back.  

All-a-Boy chose to be Han Solo.  His costume was nice and simple - except for finding riding boots.  He was happy with it until he went to school and everyone kept asking him if he was a pirate.  Do people not watch Star Wars anymore?

Thumbelina had no time to think about what she wanted to dress up as, let alone put it together.  She was busy making purses and a robe for some friends up until the very last minute.  Five minutes into the neighborhood Halloween party, she put this together for the night.
She made it even cuter with accessories the next day at school, but I forgot to snap a picture.  Either way, she's cute.

ElemenoB.  The crazy cat lady.  She came up with this one without my help and put it together with the help of her friends' younger siblings' stuffed cats.  At one point her friend's little brother walked up, took his cat from her, and walked away.  It's okay.  She had more cats.

I dressed as Stargirl, complete with her pet rat, CInnamon, perched on my shoulder.  Nobody knew who I was supposed to be.  I kind of liked it.  Most people would say things like, "I thought that was a tame kitten there" or "Oh.  You have a rat on you." (followed by nervous laughter).  If someone actually asked me who I was dressed as I gave them a treat and suggested they should read the book.  If trick-or-treaters asked who I was they got chocolate instead of fruit snacks.  If they KNEW who I was, they got a bag of popcorn and a whole package of candy.  Only one person knew, and only because she googled it on her phone when I told her my rat's name was Cinnamon.

You should read the book.  It's my favorite.


Just SO said...

Wonderful costumes!!
That book is in my kids' bookcase and I haven't read it! I'll have to keep that in mind. What a fun Halloween!

Petersons Blog Spot said...

I love all the costumes. The scary skeleton was so funny - I mean scary! Looks like you had decent weather. We have lots of snow and it was -20 C.

Lauren said...

Hey Gerberta,
I just want you to know, I miss having Neve in my primary class. We are teaching primary in our new ward and I need a Neve so bad. We miss your family! Hope everything is going great!
-Lauren Evans