Friday, November 2, 2012

Finding The Wall

Colville, Washington.  A fabric store, described as a 'hellacious place of child torture' from when he was young.  And an alley created by a store fire next door.  These are the hints we had to help us find the place where this picture was taken:

As we slowly drove down Colville's main road, we found what we were looking for.  A fabric store with the remnants of a mural flaking off of its outer brick wall.

I couldn't help but notice the ghostly faces staring back at me from the cracking, withered paint.

It reminded me of how Jason would often threaten me with a haunting by the ghosts of yesteryear if I ever shared his recipe for Chunk-a-Poo cookies

Despite the fact that the wall's colors were all but weathered away now, we tried to duplicate the shot that Jason had of himself.

I have always felt silly trying to pose and make it look natural.  It's definitely not my forte.  But it was fun to have a little alleyway photo session in the middle of our trip.  Despite the fact that our photos are not nearly as vibrant as Jason's, we were excited to have found another of the places that represented a memory of a day in the life of our friend.


A Lark said...

Yeah, looking at how our pictures turned out, I wish we'd had a copy of his to refer to so we could come up with a closer pose & angle to his.... oh, well. It's the thought that counts. This was a well-done post. (:

Chelle! said...

This was a very sweet and tender post. As I read it, my heart was touched with thoughts that as time passes, things fade and disappear but memories and special friendships do not. I know that Jason's friendship with you will never fade and disappear. You and your family were very special and important to him. You helped him become the person that he was. That definitely hasn't changed. I know that he will always be in your heart and I know you will always be in his. You truly are a dear friend. Thanks for sharing this precious experience with us. I know that my life has been touched by your words and pictures.

Anonymous said...

1Sniff. Sniff. I love that you are able to hold on to Jason in this way, Gerb. It's sad that that beautiful mural is already mostly gone.