Friday, October 26, 2012

The Hoot Owl

Our visit to Sandpoint would not have been complete without a stop at the Hoot Owl Cafe.  It was kind of fun to see some of the places our friend Jason wrote about and captured in photographs - almost like stepping into a movie set that was the background for his life story. 

The outside of The Hoot Owl was just as inviting as the inside with its bright flowers and fun adornments.

We quickly learned that every female that steps through the doors is called 'Sweetie' and every male, regardless of age, is referred to as 'Young Man'.  We were told of the breakfast special and handed our menus which were as fun to look at as the walls of the Cafe.

 (When my kids saw this picture of Janelle one of my girls immediately said, "She's so pretty!"  Own it, Janelle!)

Seriously - the menu was awesome.  There were things like Red Neck Eggs Benedict and even Green Eggs and Ham!

As we waited for our food I was scouring the menu, determined to find some kind of error.  (Yeah, I'm a nerd.  It's what I do.)  Sure enough...

Once the food arrived, all steaming hot and smelling delicious, it filled the table.

The patrons of the Cafe must have thought we were crazy when we got excited about a fly who buzzed around our table.  "One of the trained flies that Jason talked about!" Janelle exclaimed.  We got out our cameras and tried to capture it but it wouldn't hold still.  It finally came to rest on a knife and I got a blurry shot before it buzzed away to another table.

The walls inside the Hoot Owl are covered with all sorts of fun sayings and signs.  I think this one was my favorite, though:

 When it came time to leave we noticed this sign on the bulletin board just outside the door.


I kind of wanted to pull just about every tab, but decided to leave it there for others who might be more in need of what was offered.  (Wouldn't it be great if it was that easy?)


Just SO said...

How cool that you got to eat there! Even cooler to see one of the trained flies!!

A Lark said...

Love this! I'm thinking I'll just print YOUR blog posts, so I don't have to write about everything. (: The comment about my picture made me smile! Thank your sweet child for me!

Gerb said...

SO- Both of these things were super awesome. It was a great trip!

Janelle- Print away! And my sweet child was only stating the obvious. Own it! :)

Chelle! said...

I need to find this place. I know that I would just love it. Thanks for sharing.