Monday, November 5, 2012

Quick Quips

Little O: I know that song!  That's the song Mom songed me when I was a little baby!
Little O comes into the living room in nothing but his underwear.
Me: Hey, where are your clothes?
Little O: I think it is Naked Day at the kids' school.
Me: What?  They don't have Naked Day at school!
Little O: Why not?

Hubba asked me to check his math homework.  I loved this:

Me: It is time for bed!  Go to bed!
Little O: Look!  I builded a spaceship!
Me: Well, I built you and you need to go to bed.
Little O: What?  You didn't build me!
All-a-Boy: Who are you, Obama?
Part of a letter Cowgirl sent to Allen-the-Younger on his mission:

Me: You are growing up so fast!
Little O: Mom, I don't wanna grow up so fast.  I'm not finished being a kid.
Me: (heart melting) Well, stay little.  I like you this way.
Little O: But I can't.  We all get bigger and bigger and then I'm a dad and I'm not your sweet boy anymore.
Me: You will always be my sweet boy, Little O.
Little O: (He grabs my cheeks with his little hands and looks into my eyes about a half inch from my face) Pwomise?
Me: I promise.

Little O: Mom, why did you called yourself A-Bird-Dog?
Me: I never called myself that.
Little O: Yes you did.  On the phone.
Me: You mean Gerberta.
Little O: No.  I mean A-Bird-Dog.  But I like 'mom' better.


Mindy said...

I love it when you share these little snippets. They always make me smile and sometimes even say, "Awwwww...." Thanks for letting us into your world. :-)

Petersons Blog Spot said...

So sweet! Pwomise!

Chelle! said...

Aw...I love your family!!!

Anaise said...

Your Little O and my Heidi are at one of my favorite ages for cuteness. What fun to read of your funny and precious moments!

Rachel said...

:D Love these......... And I'm with Little O. Why isn't there naked day? Puzzling to me.......

Lance said...

Man, I have some pretty awesome nieces and nephews