Friday, June 8, 2012

Just Busy

Look at my poor little blog, sitting here all neglected and forlorn.

There are many reasons I have stayed away for the last little while.

One is that I'm trying to deal with my mixed emotions regarding the impending 2-year departure of my oldest boy.  I am trying not to write about this roller coaster because I don't want to come back and read all about the crazy-town that resides in my brain right now.  I love having him at home for a time before he leaves, and I am going to miss him fiercely.  Let's just leave it at that.

Another reason I'm offline right now is that school is out and my house is jam-packed with the ideas, questions, energy and agendas of 12 personalities again.  I'm mostly basking in this but also finding time to lock myself in the closet to enjoy an occasional chocolate truffle in solitude.  

Probably the biggest reason is that I am knee-deep in camp planning and preparation.  I have been creating, gathering, printing, questioning, cutting, shopping, gluing, worrying, hole-punching, finding, spray painting, calling, reminding, organizing and coordinating like nobody's business.

I will be back to writing soon.  Before too long you can look forward to news of our almost-overnight carnival creation, end-of-the-school-year festivities and my first published writing(!!).

What am I doing on the computer?  There is so much to be done...

Stay tuned.


cari said...

I hear ya! I can totally relate (except the camp part. How are you doing that on top of everything else?). Hang in there! :)

girlsmama said...

Hey Gerb!

Where did you get your whistles? I'm in the midst of camp too! Thanks!

Gerb said...

Cari - You have less than 2 weeks! What an awesome group of missionaries we're sending out this year.

girlsmama- They're from here:
Where is your camp located?

girlsmama said...

We are going to Bennion Creek this year. It is about 5 miles off HWY 6 a ways up the canyon. It's run by the Mapleton Stake. I've only ever been to Mia Shalom once years ago, so this is a new experience!

Gerb said...

girlsmama- Awesome! We go to Bennion Creek every year for one of our family reunions. Our favorite campground is the one just below the pond. Have fun!

Rachel said...

Feeling very much the same way..... which is why my blog has also been neglected as of late!

You're not aloooooooooone!!! (Name that song/composer).