Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Big 0-4

*I am attempting to play catch-up on writing a post for each of my kids on their birthdays.  This one for Little O is almost 2 months overdue.  He turned 4 years old back on May 1st.*

Our sweet Little O is already FOUR years old!

Of all my pregnancies, his dragged out the longest.  I was just over 2 weeks overdue and finally agreed to be induced.  I loved that he waited until May 1st to be born, allowing each of our kids to still have their own months for their birthdays.

Little O is one of those adorable little kids who could star in a commercial and sell the product like crazy simply because of his cuteness.  He says things like, "Mom? I like you and I even love you!" and "Stop ruining my yife!" and they are equally endearing.

Little O is getting big enough that he wants to be independent but he's still small enough that he wants to cuddle up to me while watching a movie.  Whenever I ask him to get dressed his typical response is, "Sorry, Mom.  I'm just too liddle."  But when he wants to play outside with the neighborhood kids he'll tell me, "It's okay.  I'm so big, I can watch myself."  Sometimes I wish he'd stay 'too little' because I sure love this big-and-little stage of his life.

This sweet kid is such a softie.  He's much better than he used to be, but he still occasionally wants his fuzzy blanket when he goes to sleep.  And he loves his two bears, Bear and JohnWayne. 

We love you, Little O!  You make everyone smile and we are so lucky to have you in our family.  Happy (late!) fourth birthday you big-little kid.

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Rachel said...

John Wayne! :D That is awesome!