Saturday, June 9, 2012

How Cheapskates Make Camp Shirts

The shirt-making crew.

I had a few people ask how we made our camp shirts.  The answer is: with a little money and a LOT of time. 

All I had to buy were the shirts ($4.99 each though a friend's business) and the spray paint ($6 for two cans).

I borrowed another friend's Cricut and cut out a few of each letter of the alphabet as well as the numbers 03 in a simple font on cardstock.  We got rid of the actual cutouts and saved the outline of each letter and number.

Next we laid out letters on the back of a shirt to spell the last name of each young woman in our group.  This is the time consuming part.  (It helps to spray a little spray glue on the back of each letter to help them adhere to the shirt - but not too much or you create a sticky mess.)

Then we masked the area around the letters with some large sheets of cardstock and some fancy paperweights before spraying.

After spraying we carefully removed the letters and stuck them to the table to be reused.

We laid each shirt to dry on the grass

and then repeated the spraying process on each shirt with large numbers.  This was much easier since every shirt had the same numbers on it.

About 5 hours and three sunburned faces later, and VOILA!

We had a box full of 42 shirts, ready for camp.


Petersons Blog Spot said...

Love it! What lucky YW to have you for a camp leader! Good luck in the next few busy weeks ahead (and I'm not just talking about camp).

We are still in school although I wish we could be out because the days are so long that we loose track of time and the kids go to bed late. The light starts fading at 10:30 pm up here!

Gerb said...

Thanks. When I lived in California we were still in school through June and didn't start back up until September. I like it better here (out in May, back in August).

I hope you don't have too much longer!

Kristin said...

So awesome! Love the idea!

Petersons Blog Spot said...

End of June back in Sept.

Rachel said...

Wow..... Just wow!!! This is why you will never be released from Girl's Camp!

Mom not Mum (Sandy) said...

Awesome job - what's the 03 mean?

Gerb said...

Thanks, Kristin! I'm thinking it would be fun for a family reunion, but let everyone make their own.

MnM- 3rd Ward!