Thursday, June 14, 2012

Quick Quips

All-a-Boy: Why do they sing in Canadian at the beginning of that song?
Me: There is no 'Canadian' language.  I think they speak English or French or French-Canadian in Canada.  Unless they were just singing "Eh?".  Then that could be considered Canadian.
All-a-Boy: Whatever.

Me: Who did this?!
Little O:  It's my fault - and mine alone.

Me: Little O, could you please get dressed?
Little O: I'm sorry, Mom.  I'm just too tired to do that.
Me: You just woke up.
Little O: UGH! Why are you always bothering me so much?!

Me: I guess there's going to be a program at the wedding luncheon.  A couple of people will be singing and Grandma asked me to be one of them.
Thumbelina: WHAT? That's so weird!
All-a-Boy: You better hope that the other person singing is worse than you!
Me: Wow, guys - your support is overwhelming.

Little O: I'm so tired of a life of danger.

Little O: I'm the boss!
Hubba: No you're not!
Little O: I was the boss until you were starting to distract me!

(As a side note - I am not sure where Little O's newest phrases and vocabulary are coming from.  Too many movies, maybe?  Regardless, they always surprise me and make me smile.)


Rachel said...

I need to do better about writing down the funny things my kids say. Where DO they come up with this stuff?

Good luck being the wedding singer. :D

Alexis said...

I love these blog posts. Little O is the cutest.

Petersons Blog Spot said...

I'm curious as to what "Canadian" song All-a-Boy was referring to!

Anaise said...

I'm so wondering what danger fills the life of Little O. :)

Petersons Blog Spot said...

Anaise, my grandma said that all little children are on self-destruct mode!

Gerb said...

Rachel- Maybe I should watch The Wedding Singer again to get some good ideas. Maybe a little Culture Club?

Alexis- Thanks! I totally agree. He is pretty dang adorable.

Jerri- It's a song Hubba learned in 1st grade. It starts out with them singing some language I'm unfamiliar with (maybe some African dialect? Oom-a-bop-a-say-mo, eneenee, oom-a-bop-gee-me...) Does that part sound like Canadian to you? The part I understand goes like this: I'll be nice, nice to my brother, kind to each other, I'll be a friend... etc. It's really cute.

Anaise- I wonder the same thing!

Petersons Blog Spot said...

I have no idea! Thanks for the description though.