Friday, March 23, 2012

Foreign Exchange Program

(17-year-old me with Corinna von Rad, friend and exchange student with the perfect 80's name, from Germany)

You've all heard of foreign exchange students, right? I'd even guess that most of you have met an exchange student or two. Well the photo above is misleading, because that's not even what this post is about. (And seriously, how could I resist posting about someone with a last name like von RAD?)

What I want to tell you about is foreign food exchange packages! Have you heard of them? No? Well that's because I MADE THEM UP! (Sorry to shout, it's just VERY exciting.)

My recent post which mentions the treats that Allen brought us back from London sparked a conversation between my online Canadian pal Jerri and I. She has a friend who is preg-o and craving Red Vines - which are not found in their neck of the woods. This evolved into our plan of sending each other a package filled with delicious treats that are not available outside of our countries.

I took a poll on my Facebook page, asking what sorts of things I should request from Canada (Ketchup chips? Really?) and sent her a list to choose from. Jerri asked her friends from the states what they missed the most and sent me a list as well.

I sent this package off:
And got this one in return:
Repeat after me, friends: awesome. Remember the last time you got a fun package in the mail? Remember how happy it made you feel? It's addicting, that feeling.

It would really be a shame to end this awesome program after just one package exchange. I bet there are even variations of things we could trade between states! (Fry Sauce, anyone? Perhaps an Idaho Spud bar?)

So who's next?

p.s. Thanks, Jerri!


Linn said...

I'm next! But somehow I think the Pace's Dairy Ann bars I really want from there might melt before they arrive in MA. Blast.

Petersons Blog Spot said...

Your package was VON RAD! I'm pretty sure you spoiled me more than I spoiled you! It is addicting because I'd love to do it again. At this time of year up here were it is still snowing as I type it is refreshing to do something different and fun. Linn, I have never heard of Pace's Dairy Ann Bars!

Brown Thumb Mama said...

Kinder Surprise! Made with real...kindergarteners?!?

Heeheehee. What a great idea!

Michael K. Mayer said...

No Mackintosh's? Send the box got jipped.

Gerb said...

Linn- They would definitely arrive in a liquid state. Maybe you should just come here and we can go get one together? (I've never seen them in stores, but I have some vague recollection of going to a fast-food joint somewhere with that name and loving me something like an astropop? Am I crazy?)

Jerri- As was yours! We're slowly enjoying the last of the Smarties this morning. Have you ever seen Clearly Canadian drinks there? That would be my #1 (and maybe only) request if we did this again sometime. They used to be my favorite but they stopped selling them in stores in the US.

BTM- And tasty kindergarteners, too!

Mike- Good idea - I'll send the box back (since it's empty now) and get it refilled! ;)

La Yen said...

Kinder eggs are so, so, so rad. VON RAD. They are banned for sale in the USA because they have a toy inside the egg and people are stupid and might choke on the toy. Boo.

I would trade an entire box of fresh or dried chiles for some fry sauce,. Just saying.

Natasha and Jesse said...

How fun! It would be fun to trade, but I don't think things are too different in UT than they are in KY.

Anonymous said...

Pace's is in Bountiful, Utah and the bars are very yummy. I love the Pace pops- basically the best popsicles EVER (juicy!), and I have seen those in the grocery stores.

A Lark said...

What a fabulous idea!! That package from Canada seriously made me homesick for my mission. Thanks for sharing!

Teachinfourth said...

Okay, now I feel that I have to do this, too. Gerb, you are AWESOME! Of course, it needs to be somebody from another country...

I'll be on the lookout.

Chelle! said...

I love this!!! I love packages but most of all, I LOVE sending them!!! HMM...thoughts of how to accomplish this fun exchange are popping in my head!! Thanks for sharing!

Rachel said...

Or walking up to your house and seeing a cool looking paint can with ribbon around it and ninja writing!!!!

Yeah! I dig it! It makes me smile and when your Levi native puts on his new ninja shirt to wear to school and smiles real big and says, "I got a new ninja shirt"....... yeah..... it's a pretty awesome thing. Having friends.

stephanie said...

Hi Gerb,
if you'd like to receive a surprise-package from Belgium/France, I'd be happy to send one to you.
It would be my thanks to you for making my days more colourful with your blog.


(if you like the idea, you can send your address to altijdstephanie @

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