Sunday, March 25, 2012

Quick Quips

Coolister: Doesn't tuberculosis have to do with your wrists? Oh, wait... that's carpel tunnel.

Princess: Something smells like farts!
Hubba: Yeah, it's All-a-Boy's breath.
All-a-Boy: Whatever! It's your hands!

Curly: Mom, what does deformed mean?
Me: It usually means something looks different than you're used to. Like Quasimodo's face in the Hunchback of Notre Dame - his face was kind of deformed.
Princess: Yeah, sort of like Mom's. (pause) I didn't mean it like that!

Curly: (While saying a prayer) ...and please bless us to have a great prayer - if we even have a prayer...
Me: (whispered) Curly, you're saying the prayer right now.
Curly: Oh, right.

The following conversation took place through the bathroom door.
Little O: Mom? Mooooom? MOOOOOOM?!
Me: WHAT?!
Little O: I needs-a get my pay-ants on.
Me: Put them on, then! I'm in the shower.
Little O: Do they go on this way? (pause) Or this way?
Me: Um... that way.
Little O: This way?
Me: Yes.
Little O: Thanks, mom!


Rebecca said...

I can totally relate to the last one! So funny!

HL said...

Love it!

Petersons Blog Spot said...

Me too Rebecca!

Chelle! said...

Your family is the funniest!!! I love your Quick Quips blog entry. They make me giggle!!

Rachel said...

These were great! Had me laughing with the 'deformed' face. Thanks a lot!! Aren't kids grand...... SMACK!