Friday, April 22, 2011


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As promised, here is the story of my head vs. my friend's windshield.

What do cookies have to do with anything? Keep reading.

When I was 16 years old some friends and I were goofing around in a VW bug in a parking lot after a youth dance. I was trying to adjust the front passenger seat to slide forward and my friend Steve, who was driving, slammed on the brakes to help me. I was not wearing my seatbelt and flew forward, cracking the windshield with my mighty forehead.

Initially I didn't even realize what had happened - but suddenly there were hands all around me and everyone asking if I was okay and did we need to get to the hospital? I thought they were still goofing off - until I looked at the windshield. I felt fine but could not imagine why my head wasn't injured when it had just created a lovely spiderweb pattern across Steve's windshield. This was when I realized that I had some sort of superpower. I was ecstatic! However, Steve felt terrible and kept insisting that he take me to be looked at. Not wanting to reveal my newly discovered powers I assured him that I was not hurt and he took me home.

The next day at church I was excited to take the kids in my Sunday School class out to the church parking lot and show them what my head could do. No one believed me until they asked Steve's brother who confirmed the story.

Later, when it dawned on me that Steve was going to have to pay to replace his windshield, I felt terrible. I mean, superpowers or not, he was about to leave for college and I'm sure he didn't need the extra expense. I didn't have the money to offer to pay for a new windshield, so instead I baked him some cookies (Of course I baked him some cookies! This is what superheroes do!) and left them on the seat of his VW to enjoy on his 9 hour drive to college along with a note of apology.

Once I realized that there wasn't really much I could do to save the world with my titanium noggin, I sort of forgot about it.

But I can still bake an awesome batch of cookies.


GaeLynn said...

I would like some of those cookies! :)

Teachinfourth said...

I'm just glad you didn't get brain damage. It looks like that got passed on to your offspring, through.

GaeLynn, I hear that your firstborn child daughter is quite the cookie baker. Maybe you should be sharing the wealth...

Richard & Natalie said...

Holy cow! I'm surprised you didn't get a concussion.
And I know of another superpower you possess- wrangling stinky 12 year old boys at a birthday party and having them leave with smiles on their faces. That, in my book, beats a titanium skull any day.

Rachel said...

LOL! Holy smokes Gerb! That is some super strength which not a one of us are surprised you possess beings as you are...... the mother of many awesome offspring! And an amazing mother at that!

:) When Brian and I were first married I can remember many a car ride where I'd take the seat and hold up the handle just so when we'd slow down or exelerate in town I'd slide back and forth all over the place.

What can I say....... I'm a girl from the boonies who grew up without a tv. I found a lot of things amusing and entertaining. :D

Chelle! said...

This story makes me laugh. I cannot believe that you hit the windshield and everything was ok. But, I do agree that cookies make everything better.