Saturday, April 23, 2011

Good Morning Sunshine

When I reach down and pull back the blankets from my sweet baby boy each morning then lift his soft, warm little body up to my face for a kiss he rewards me with a coo and a heart-melting smile.

Have you ever unwrapped a gift and found that it contained exactly what you wanted without your having to ask - so you feel all warm and happy and loved because someone took the time to thoughtfully choose something that was just right for you?

This is what seeing Baby B's face at the start of each day feels like. For a brief yet solid moment I have the feeling of a perfect Christmas morning and the child-like excitement of a trip to Disneyland and unconditional love and all-encompassing joy which just consumes me.

It is like unwrapping a gift of sunshine.

Every. Day.


Anaise said...

A little bit of heaven on earth . . . what a precious wee man!

What a lucky mom!

Richard & Natalie said...

That smiling guy completely embodies sunshine.After seeing that pic I may need to come squeeze some of your sunshine!

Rachel said...

I remember those moments. You described them perfectly. I can almost feel my baby Native's while reading your post. Almost...

Chelle! said...

To have that precious smile every single morning...would be like having a piece of heaven. What a precious little baby.