Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Quick Quips

From the mouths of my kids...

Me: "You want banana chips or carrots in your lunch?"
Princess: "How about chocolate chips?"

"Living with Little O is like living with Yoda. They are both cute and tiny... except Yoda has The Force and can do flips in the air."

"Does Jesus want us to hate pirates?"

Hubba: "Mom, I never want to get married to anyone."
Me: "Then you'll never have kids and I won't be a grandma."
Hubba (annoyed): "Why don't you just get your own grandkids yourself."

Curly: "I never want to get big. I will always stay little."
Me: "I like you little - you are such a cute little girl."
Curly: "No, I just mean I don't want my blue sparkly shirt to not fit me anymore."

"You need to have another baby so that our neighbors can bring us dinner."

Princess: "Did you know that Han Solo and Harry Potter are the same person?"
Me: "You mean Han Solo and Indiana Jones?"
Princess. "No."

"Mom, does my breath smell kinda like poop to you?"

"What exactly does the tooth fairy do with all of those teeth? And why in the wide world does she give money for them? She must be crazy. And rich."

Me: "I need to apologize before we eat - this roast is really chewy."