Monday, May 3, 2010

Summing Up

There are so many things that I am behind on! Like telling you about everything my kids have been up to.

If you don't like those braggy-momma kind of posts, you had best just leave.

Seriously, this is your last chance.

If you enjoy reading about how awesome my kids are, go make yourself a sandwich and then read on:

Coolister went to Prom. The theme was "Forever Young" so the guys planned a day-date of just being kids. They picked up their dates, made blanket forts and ate sack lunches while watching a Disney movie then drove to a park and played on the playground. When it was time for the evening-date they took the girls for a nice dinner on the roof of the school (one of the guys in their group has access through his dad). After the dance they went and had homemade eclairs. What a great group of kids! Most recently his life has been consumed with getting ready for the 3 AP tests he is taking this week. Also, his foot is healing nicely...
Thanks for asking. The doctors have been amazed by how quickly he is healing. So have we! He only wears a brace when needed. Coolister also got his ACT scores back. He did AWESOME but I know he isn't happy with his score and plans to take the test again (perfectionist!) so I'm not going to post the numbers here unless he gives me permission. He continues to be an all-around good and happy kid with a contagious laugh.

ElemenoB beat her fastest time in the mile for track. She loves music and books. She has been experimenting a lot with her camera and is becoming quite the photographer! She stores her pictures on my computer which makes it easy for me to enjoy them. I saw this one and thought it was beautiful:
(Just Dandy by ElemenoB)

I didn't even realize it was a dandelion. She knows how to capture things from a great perspective. She sees the beauty where we don't. Funny thing is, I see the beauty in her that I don't think she even begins to see. Inside and out. ElemenoB still loves baking and has transitioned from baking cookies all the time to baking brownies all the time. She loves reading home design magazines and dreaming of how she'll decorate her future home. She told me that she wants to take some sports medicine classes. Maybe she'll serve brownies to the patients who come into her meticulously decorated office someday.

Thumbelina has been working hard to finish this dress which she started making last year. And finally... success! She wanted to make a dress with a modest length and sleeves - something unheard of in the clothing industry these days - and I think it turned out beautifully. She tried out for The Taming of the Shrew at her school and got a minor role so between the play, her choir performances and homework she stays pretty busy. Thumbelina has also taken to her camera and has a knack for capturing light and darkness, especially in the sky. (April Sky by Thumbelina)

Thumbelina is the one we love to have tend the little kids for us because we know it means we will come home to happy kids AND a clean house when we return. She knows how to bring happiness to others and loves doing it. She's a generous gift-giver when it comes to birthdays and other special occasions. What a sweet girl.

All-a-Boy turned 11 last month! He celebrated by working like crazy to pass off the requirements for his Cub Scout Arrow of Light. We let him camp in a tent in the backyard (requirement!) on a school night. We let him cook hotdogs on the grill for everyone (requirement!) and took him to Comedy Sportz (fun!). For once, All-a-Boy created his own car (with a little help from Coolister) for the Pinewood Derby. This vehicle defied every rule but met his personal specifications perfectly.
The wings were so large that they would catch on the bar above the finish line and flip the car every time. Whenever we can't find this kid it usually turns out he was hiding away to digest his latest book series or create something amazing with his Legos. He is very patient with Hubba, who idolizes his every move and laughs at every joke he makes. All-a-Boy is a smarty pants who constantly amazes me with the things his brain can process.

Cowgirl's Spock bangs don't look quite so Spock-ish with this cute new short 'do that cousin Raylene fixed her up with. If she's not busy drawing pictures or writing plays, she's singing a happy tune in the backyard while creating homes for fairies. Cowgirl does not understand why I will not allow her to bring home one of the neighbor's kitties at the amazing price of FREE. We sure do love this tender-hearted kid. She and Princess have been getting a lot out of our morning scripture reading time lately...
And speaking of Princess,
...she leads the happiest life of anyone I know. She is as busy as any 7-year-old, I suppose, but mostly I think she just loves being a ray of sunshine who literally lights up a room with her smile. I told her I didn't have many recent pictures of her and she was more than happy to come up with a few poses for the above photo shoot. This girl is the sugar in our family recipe. Unless you make her mad... then she's quite spicy.

Here's Hubba after telling us his face was all clean from drinking a smoothie. He had an eye exam when we went for kindergarten registration. They told me that, based on his results, his vision would be 20/60 in one eye and 20/40 in the other. When the nurse asked him if she was pointing at an apple, a house or an umbrella he rolled his eyes, told her to hold her horses and then turned to me and whispered, "Which one is it?" I am pretty sure he was just bored and didn't want to play the 'name the picture' game, but we are taking him in to have his eyes checked as soon as a pediatric ophthalmologist is available. (The middle of July. Apparently lots of kids have eye problems around these parts.) He lives for Legos, Lego Star Wars on the Wii and Lego dot com. He is my first kid to refuse to learn to write his name before kindergarten. Two words which describe him well are: precocious and spirited.

In case you were unaware, the last 4 kids mentioned make up our resident ninja force. I captured them in an attempt to stealthily move in on some freshly baked brownies 2 weeks ago:Fear them.

Is it any wonder why this little doll has us wrapped around her finger? Look at those puppy dog eyes. Want to know what Curly does besides just being adorable? Mostly this...
For a good part of the day. She is the most artsy kid we have had. Want to be her best friend? Give her a new box of crayons and some paper. Actually, Hubba already holds the 'best fwend' title. They get into all sorts of mischief together. Curly has more hair than any 3-year-old I know. She has been to cousin Raylene at the hair salon a handful of times already in an attempt to manage her tresses - and she loves it. She just asked me the other day, "Will you take me to see my girl so my hair can get short?" My girl. I love it.

Speaking of Curly, check out Little O's hair! He's the curliest one we've had yet. And once Curly goes to see her my girl he'll likely be the reigning curly one.
I know, it's kind of long-ish. If it was straight, he'd totally be sporting a mullet. But I can't bear to cut the curls off. Little O's favorite phrase right now is "LET GO!" It means anything from put me down to I don't want to wear my pajamas right now to give me that sipper cup right now, lady! He's getting much too independent for my liking. But he's still a thumb-sucker... he's still my baby. Even if he did just turn TWO on May 1st. I shouldn't encourage it, but he's so dang cute I can hardly help myself.

Whew! If you're still reading at this point you deserve a nice pat on the back. Or maybe a fancy cupcake. Choose the one you prefer, and go treat yourself.

Happy May!