Sunday, March 21, 2010

In My Dreams

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This morning my dreams were interrupted by a phone call so I remember very distinctly what I was dreaming about.

I was on a beach in Australia, nestled in a rocky cove, with a huge group of people. The sand was pocked with tiny holes and everyone was sitting on towels or jackets so that the tiny crabs which lived in those holes would not crawl out and pinch our toes. People, in turn, were standing and telling stories which spanned everything imaginable and each story fascinated me. It was a way that people had of sharing a part of themselves with any friends or strangers who chose to gather there at the beach, a passing along of personal experience and observations.

Whenever a person had completed their story, the custom was for those who had listened to offer kind words or ask questions to encourage a deeper delving into the narrative. One time, however, someone made a rude remark in regard to a story which had been shared and everyone sat there in awkward silence... until the tiny crabs made their way out of their sand-holes and pinched that naysayer's toes until he finally had to stop talking.

At the moment that the phone rang I was musing in my dream how the whole scene was a lot like blogging except that we could really use those crabs sometimes. However, the thing that amused me the most was that, as I was dreaming, I was formulating a post in my head and couldn't wait to get home from the beach to write about it.

I am writing blog posts in my dreams.

Should I seek intervention?


Richard & Natalie said...

No intervention needed. Just keep writing posts for all of us and let that be your therapy. I know it is mine. :)

Shannon said...

I'd say not! Embrace those dreams and let the words flow. You are probably so often pre-occupied with family life and responsibility that your inspiration just needed to find a quieter time to hail your attention :-).

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Lori said...

I think blogging is intervention at its best, Gerb. And it's funny--I was sitting there as I read your post thinking how very much like blogging your dream was.

And those crabs? They're like Rachel--I've seen her tear into someone who posts a nasty or spam comment. Love it!

Rachel said...

Lori, Are you calling me crabby??? :D I admit it. Attack my family and friends and boy howdy. I come unglued. It's a good thing right???? (Me and my big mouth.......)

Gerb, Ahhhh, a lovely beach in Australia. Sounds wonderful. And sitting around listening to stories. Even better. Reminds me of the many evenings growing up sharing stories around the campfire or dinner table. A form of blogging before blogs were invented.

Keep writing. My world is a better place because you do! And if anybody attacks you, just know I got ya covered. I'll be ripping their toes off... :D

CoolRunnings said...

It seems clear to me that you don't need intervention. You need a trip to the beach in Australia!!!

Lori said...

Rach--definitely not crabby--MAMA BEAR is more like it. And I love it! :)

~j. said...

I don't think intervention is required until, say, you begin composing posts in your dreams in French.

Anaise said...

Whether they be crafted by your conscious or unconscious mind, I enjoy reading your posts.

Gerb said...

Natalie- So true!

Shannon- I love it when I remember my dreams. It doesn't happen all too often, though.

Mike- Is this for real? Anyone know?

Lori- I guess we do have our crabs when we really need 'em, don't we?

Rachel- It's nice to know you've got my back.

CR- Amen! I have dreamed of going there ever since I did a report on the country in the 3rd grade.

~j.- Good point, mademoiselle.

Anaise- I appreciate that. Thanks.

Sarah said...

Gosh, sometimes I go to post a comment and realize everything's done been said already.

But my hubby keeps talking about how wonderful the beaches are in Australia (much better than Hawaii he says) so I think your brain has good taste in vacation spots.

And those naysayers...eeerrrr. They know just how to throw a kink in my think - my blog has suffered lately because of one of them. I sure could use a Rachel once in awhile! :)

It's no secret that I totally love your blog, so I vote "no" for an intervention!!

Teachinfourth said...

So, your dream was about blogging?

Gerb said...

Sarah- Your husband has been to Australia? I'm jealous. And don't you worry... if someone's being a troll in your blog comments, I'll send some crabs over to set them straight.

T5th- Um... yes? Is this a trick question?