Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Minute Mysteries

Have you heard of minute mysteries? My kids go through stages where they love these things. I pretty much always think they're ridiculous because they are so open-ended that anything could be the answer.

Here's an example of a minute-mystery conversation in our house:

Kids: Hey, mom... Bob is a delivery man who is in a hurry. He's coming up on a railroad crossing as the barriers start lowering. He won't make it past before they close, but he doesn't have time to stop. What does he do?

Me: He crashes through the barriers.

Kids: Nope.

Me: How do you know? Were you there?

Kids: That's just not the right answer, mom.

Me: Why not? It makes sense.

Kids: Just keep asking questions and you'll get it.

Me: (exasperated sigh) Does he hit the train?

Kids: No.

Me: See? He crashes through the barriers without hitting the train. I win.

Kids: (rolling eyes) Whatever, mom.

Actually, today I have a few minute mysteries of my own to stump my kids with...

1. As some kids are leaving for school their mother asks them, "Did you make your beds?" "YES!" they all shout in unison, but when the mother goes to check, the beds are unmade. How is this so?

2. A woman puts a load of laundry into the washing machine, carefully checking that all socks have a match before putting them inside. By the time she carries the basket full of clean laundry upstairs, 3 socks are missing. Where are the missing socks?

3. The basement of a family's home has pictures drawn in Sharpie or crayon on every wall. When the parents ask who made these drawings every child responds with, "Not me." There is no one named Not Me living in the house. Who drew on the walls?

4. When a mother asks her kids if they would like a cookie, they all respond immediately. But when she asks if they have finished their homework or if they could help her with the dishes, no one seems to hear her. What is the cause of this phenomenon?

5. While searching for missing car keys beneath her couch cushions, a woman finds a candy bar wrapper, 4 popsicle sticks and some popcorn. No one is allowed to eat in the room where the couch is, so where did these items come from?

I can't wait to hear their answers.

And in case you were still trying to figure it out, Bob was the train driver.


Infertility Goddess said...

I think these are the same questions my mom asked when I was growing up. I am doomed to repeat the past.
Jen Witt

simplysarah said...


Corine said...

Nothing like that EVER happens to me; my children are PERFECT....

...you didn't fall for it, did you? Smart woman! Behold... the life of a mother! :D

Cami said...

If you find the culprit of the lost socks, please let me know. We have the same problem at our house.

As for the popcorn, popsicle sticks, and candybar wrapper, we have a different problem. It's spilled chocolate milk behind the couch. Although the chocolate milk container had a black capital K on it. So I think I know who the culprit is!

Kimm said...

Hilarious!As always, thanks for sharing!

Gina said...

Too funny. I am now seeing how my life is a string of minute mysteries.

Mom not Mum said...

Haha - I love these mysteries and I have encountered many of them. I'll let you know some day when I find the answer.....

Richard & Natalie said...

LOL! You have asked 5 of the million dollar questions every mother asks. If you actually get some answers, please, do share.

Clever post, with the answer at the end.

Teachinfourth said...

If you'd just keep them all chained up in the basement like I told you before, you wouldn't have these problems...

Rebecca said...

It is said that God works in mysterious ways, and I think, so do children.

Anaise said...

My favorite comment is Rebecca's--so true!

One day I found that our entire hall wall had been turned into a giant orange mural--I lined my small fry up like a chain gang and made them clean it themselves. The next day, the mural was back, and four happy, expectant faces were turned to me asking, "When can we clean the wall? It was so fun!"

I've left their "artwork" up ever since--and there's a lot of it--so much for natural consequences.

I smiled a lot at this post--so true, so funny.

novidiac said...

At my house the mystery of the artwork on the wall is at least easily solved... My silly kids have this fetish for signing their art... uh..oops.. busted!

The others are still complete mysteries though.. Good Luck!