Wednesday, October 22, 2008


One question I am often asked is this: So, when are you moving? I didn't know we were even considering it.

I guess people assume that a family of 11 cannot fit comfortably in our home. Sure, it can be tight sometimes, but here's the main reason we hope to live out the rest of our days here: location.

When I stand in front of my house, I can turn in any direction and gaze upon some of Utah's finest mountain peaks. It is beautiful here.

We also live in a neighborhood that has a "small-town" feeling that I adore. For example, in the short drive to my kids' school I see horses, cows, sheep and llamas. To get there I drive down what we call the "farm road" where there are open fields and pumpkin patches and old wooden structures that are dilapidated enough to hold my interest but sturdy enough to not look trashy.

On my way to drop the Princess off at kindergarten today I had to stop for 2 cows who were crossing the road. Cows! Crossing the road! They were probably loose but I didn't know which door to knock on and say, "Hey, your cows are out" so I just let them cross to go visit with the horses and went on my way.

2 days ago I stopped a block away from home so Hubba and I could watch a tortoise cross the street.

When we are driving home late at night in the winter we sometimes see deer wandering the neighborhood.

People wave at each other when they drive around our streets. Half the time I don't even know who I'm waving at - but if they want to be friendly, I'm happy to return the gesture!

Plus, as an added bonus, neighbors bring me treats and treasures at random times.

Marci shares lunch-sized portions of Tortellini Soup or Chinese Chicken Salad.

Jenny sends over just enough brownie edges or chocolates for me to eat in the pantry or my bedroom closet when I hope no one's paying attention.

Bethany treats me to her homemade salsa.

Jan gives me everything from 'counterfeit rolls' to 'peach bubbly' to rice pudding to Dove chocolate bars at least once a month.

I found chocolate mini donuts on my porch recently from ?? My kids had them devoured in record time.

(thanks to ??)

Barbara and Howard gave us 27 pumpkins and enough cornstalks (all from her garden) to complete our haunted decor for this year. (It's going to be SPECTACULAR!!) And they threw in a load of garden-fresh carrots for good measure. And frosted cookies for the kids.

It doesn't stop there. Everyone looks out for everyone else. We genuinely care for each other. I had meals brought in for over a week when I had my last baby. People were lined up to feed a family of ELEVEN. Can you find this stuff in just any neighborhood? Nope.

I know you're getting jealous, so I'll stop.

Tell me, why would we move?

That's what I thought.


Hi! said...

I wouldn't want to move either.

Chelle! said...

Oh, can I move to your neighborhood. That sounds simply divine. Oh, by the way, we put a yw handout in your hubby's box at the Stake Office. Make sure he shares with you.

Holmes said...

Can I come over?

jenny said...

I'm willing to pitch in pounds and pounds of chocolate if it will help keep you guys around forever, pretty please?

pam said...

Gee, I can't IMAGINE why you wouldn't want to move back to California, ha ha ha.

There is some wildlife here though--if you count my pet turtle in the backyard! ;o)

Gina said...

That makes me want to be a better neighbor. It sounds homey. We have cows just three doors down, several others with horses around the corner, and sheep 2 blocks away. I love it. We are not in a "small town feel" like you though. Sounds great!

Cami said...

You've got to stop. You're making me homesick and jealous!

P.S. It was great to see you last night, but it wasn't nearly long enough!

annette said...

Yes- NEVER MOVE! (But have you thought of adding on?) (Or maybe just buy the house next door and connect the two (like they did on "17 and counting!")

Panama Jones said...

The other clear advantage of eleven in one house is the ability of these kids to tell stories to their kids when they complain about having to share a room. No sympathy! It builds character (and occasionally insanity).

Shellie said...

Not to mention, the bigger the house the more you have to clean! And those kids will start growing up and leaving :(