Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Just Peachy

I got an email a couple of days ago.


Allen's work was in close proximity to the location of the Great Peach Giveaway, so he and a co-worker went to fetch some FREE PEACHES! for us.

I had visions of my pantry stocked with enough canned peaches to last us the year. I love canned peaches! Maybe even some jam... my mouth was watering. I was not looking forward to the actual work of canning but I knew that the end result would be well worth it.

Allen came home that day with two huge boxes packed full of delicious looking peaches. I could not believe our luck! Not a blemish was in sight. These were some fine quality peaches, and they were FREE!

Yesterday was canning day. Those of you who are familiar with canning peaches will know that the skins are easily slipped off once the fruit is plunged into boiling water for 30 seconds or so and then immersed in cold water immediately after.

Such was not the case with these. The skins would not come off unless they were actually pried off with a knife. At first I wondered if I was going about things wrong. I checked my cookbooks, I looked online - I was doing things correctly. So why weren't the peaches cooperating?

In the process of peeling and slicing I couldn't resist taking a bite. As I slipped a slice of peachy goodness into my mouth, I stopped cold. It was not a sweet flavor, but a bland one. And as I chewed, the peach's texture was grainy.

Was I disappointed? Yes. But, there were lessons learned.

First off, you often get what you pay for.

But, when life hands you lemons you make lemonade. Or - when you get some tasteless peaches, add lots of sugar and they still make a pretty tasty cobbler.

And last of all, outward appearance is not always a sure indicator of what you will find on the inside.

(And I'm not just talking about peaches.)


Panama Jones said...

All good lessons. Most things in life just need the right tweak to make things workable. Not perfect, but not a failure either.

Trish said...

Very insightful post Gerb...loved it!

I missed out on canning my own this dear husband in his effort to "clean house" decided we didn't need the fourty or so jars I had stored away...not one of his finer wasn't pretty when I found out, to say the least. :)

Cami said...

Definitely some words of wisdom.

Chelle! said...

Gerb--that was deep!!! Remember this story for when you are asked to do a devotional at YW's camp!!!

annette said...

I wonder what was wrong with the peaches? Were they just not ripe?

As for canning, I prefer "all-about-the-crew"'s method!

Rebecca said...

Another life lesson: It's hard to make a cobbler I don't enjoy. :)