Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sometimes I Love The Boy Scouts

Aside from being a mother, wife, and (very part-time) ASL interpreter I also occasionally don the hat of Merit Badge counselor for our local troop and crew. To be truthful, the boys generally avoid coming to me because I really make them work to earn their badges. A group of 3 boys was recently up for the challenge and came to me to earn the "Citizenship in the Community" badge.

A couple months have passed and today we met to finalize this badge - which included reporting on the issues of a recent school board meeting and presenting reports on our fine city. One boy (I'll call him Scout) was a little nervous about his report but did a great job in presenting it to the group. When he concluded I pulled out my merit badge worksheet and looked it over to ask him a few questions about points which were not covered.

Me: "So, Scout, what would you say are the best features of our fine city?"

Scout: "Um.... 7 Peaks and... the library? And.... um... BYU?"

Me: "All good and correct answers. How about the popular places where people gather around here?"

Scout: "I think.... 7 Peaks and BYU and..... maybe the library?"

Me: (trying to think of popular places to gather besides church) "Um... Yes! Definitely lots of students gathering at BYU, right? OK, last question. What would you say is one of the greatest challenges our city faces?"

Scout: "The Utes."

Me: (stifling laughter) "OK, how are the Utes a challenge?"

Scout: "Well, BYU is always beating them, but sometimes it's close."

Merit badge approved.


Panama Jones said...

Ah, the Ute football team. That makes sense. I just couldn't remember when Provo was attacked by armed Utes on horseback, but it would be a definite problem faced by the community were it to happen!

Threeundertwo said...

That's so funny!

I love that picture!

Anonymous said...