Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Princess Speaks

(photo by the talented Trish)

On the way to kindergarten this afternoon:

Me: So, how are you liking school, Princess?

Princess: It's awesome.

Me: Oh, yeah? What's so awesome about it?

Princess: Well, I like my music teacher because she's not mean.

Me: You mean, she's nice?

P: No. But do you know what?

Me: No, but I know his brother Somewhat.

P: MOM! What are you even talking about?!

Me: OK, sorry. Tell me about what.

P: We should go to Hawaii.

Me: Why Hawaii?

P: Well, not the real Hawaii. What I mean is that we need to go to a beach again. Well, not really a beach - I mean a beach that looks like Hawaii. OK, mom? Because beaches are fun and they have lots of waves and shells and stuff.

As we pull up to the school: Hey look, it's Brooklyn! She has the same name as our cousin, huh mom? And look! It's Camry! Isn't that the most beautiful name? I really like her name. And she's really nice.

Me: You mean, she's not mean?

P: What? You're crazy mom. I'm leaving out of the car now, OK?

I love this age. Her thoughts can be so random and funny and it makes me want to hug her and kiss those sweet, round cheeks. I wish I could strap a recorder on to her somehow so I could hear all of the conversations I am missing out on while she's at school.

That lucky kindergarten teacher.


ablackman said...

Can you imagine the conversation Neve and her fiance will have on their first road trip when he asks her what she is thinking? That's the conversation I would love to hear the recording of.

Katrina said...

You've been tagged. go to my blog, copy and paste into your new post.

Rebecca said...

I was thinking the same thing about Hannah recently: Her current age is so cute, entertaining, and loveable.
I love kids at that kindergarten age, too. But it also has something to do with little Black kids. They're just fun to talk to. And tease.

It sounds like that Black man has a story to tell. His comment has me curious!

Gina said...


Chelle! said...

Her kindegarten teacher is lucky!!! What a beautful picture!!! She is precious!!

annette said...

And this is one of the reasons being a teacher is soooo fun! Seriously!

Panama Jones said...

Banana can be equally random, and her cheeks aren't quite as round as it used to be. It must be a gift. It is a lot of fun when kids do the "stream of consciousness" thing.

ally said...

How Cute! This blog makes me miss my little brothers and sisters, especially 2 of the younger siblings with which conversations ALWAYS go like this. I miss that :)

I found your blog through a series of 'mormon blog stalking' today and LOVE it! You are just the best writer! and 9 kids!? WOW. You are who I want to be when I finish growing up!