Thursday, September 11, 2008

But Can You Find The Wooly Mammoth?

The toys! What a mess! I thought with despair
As I carried the laundry beyond the top stair.

But before I could utter the guilty child's name
Mary Poppins came to mind and I made the mess a game.

I turned things around (you can, too - if you try!)
By seeing the mess as a game of I Spy!

I spy a monkey, a Lego (or two)
and a doll with a permanent mustache tattoo.

I spy a wheel, Clark Kent in disguise,
and a red floppy hat with some tough looking eyes.

I spy a train, a brown and white pup,
and a baby that I can't resist picking up!

Now it's your turn. It's easy! Just give it a try.
Enjoy your home's messes by playing I Spy.


Maleen said...

You really are special. I don't know many people besides my mom who can make up rhymes quickly and they make sense.
And yes, I would definitely put you in the Mary Poppins category--practically perfect in every way!

cari said...

I remember when things like that worked with my boys. Oh, those were the days!

P.S. Cute baby!!!

Chelle! said...

Gerb, you are completely amazing!!! I loved this entry (okay, I do have to admit--I love all your entries). Anyway, the past while, I have been organizing and cleaning my scrapbook room. It has been crazy. Tonight, I decided to take a break and read some blogs. I read yours, looked to my left at the last project of cleaning off my scrapbook table and just started to laugh. I know what game I will play now. I SPY!!! You ALWAYS make life fun!!

Cami said...

Ditto to maleen! You are practically perfect. Maybe a game of I Spy will help Kate and Andie clean their room.

As of now, if I want Kate to do anything (as in cleaning, unloading the silverware, ect.) I have to sit there and tell her exactly what to do.

"Okay, now do you see the jammies you wore last night? Do they go on the floor?"

Kate: "No."

"Okay, then where should they go?"

Kate: "In the dirty clothes."

"Very good. Put them in the dirty clothes basket."

This gets REALLY old REALLY fast!

Gloria said...

What a fun mom you are. I have a very dear friend who has nine children and she is a natural born Mom too. I had to struggle and overcome my "natural man" so many times. I have often said my six children have taught me more than I thought I wanted to know.

They turned out pretty good, but they sure had to be resilient types.

Thanks, Gerb, for dropping by my blog. What a compliment you paid me by reading all the posts. You really made my day and it still glows inside me. I read a great deal of your blog posts to find that we share a birthday month, a love for Josh Groban's music, plus many interests.

Warm Regards!

Farscaper said...

Woman! You ROCK!!! I will definately have to try this new game with the kids. I had to laugh when I saw your pict. With the exception of the cute Live baby.. my family room looks just like that! (I get so tired of stepping barefoot on legos).

annette said...

Here's something just for you. He puts our "show" to shame. Maybe we should take lessons!

Rebecca said...

I've got to admit, Gerb, I canNOT find the wooly mammoth. Unless it's that tiny brown figure next to the train, halfway cut out of the picture...?

Gerb said...

You found it, Bec!

annette said...

I spy matching pillows of a floral design,
A star spangled rattle, and wheels there are nine.

I love this game! :)

It's all about the "Crew" said...

You are so clever! I love this post!