Monday, September 10, 2007

Surprise Endings

I have had a few requests that I write a blog about my sweetheart, Allen. Let me say this: As much as I LOVE the spotlight, he avoids it. Unlike me, Allen is not a real showy kind of guy who likes to bare his secrets to the world. They say opposites attract, and in many cases that fits us to a T.

But I will give you a little snippet of what I know about Allen that you don't: he is great with surprises. (I, on the other hand, cannot keep a surprise a secret to save my life. I'm too excited to give it to the lucky recipient.) Like the time he got me a piano for Christmas. How do you keep that a secret? He pulled it off flawlessly. I was convinced I was getting a deep-freezer.

Allen read my last blog about the Twilight series of books and came home with a copy of Eclipse for me. What a fun surprise! (He also read the entire spoiler on the book at wikipedia and threw out little hints of what was to come...check out his comment on my last blog entry.)

I have been devouring this book as much as I did the others while attempting to keep the house above "hit by a tornado" status. This morning I finished it. On page 599, I found some writing in the binding:

...and there was another surprise, the itinerary for a trip to visit my friend Rebecca in Washington!

There's your snippet. If this doesn't embarrass him too much, there may be further installments.

Thanks Allen!
I would have just called you, but you're in that meeting. Let me know if you want me to delete this post.
Love, Gerb


Rebecca said...

Aaaaawww...What a swell guy, that Allen Black. He never fails to impress, does he?

So, I'm glad we can talk about this now! I've been waiting for it to be revealed to you, and I love how he pulled it off.

I can't wait!!!!!

Rebecca said...

P.S. I love the photo! :)

Rebecca said...

P.P.S. Allen has very neat handwriting, by the way.

Cami said...

I think Allen needs to give Rob some tips. What a wonderful husband you have!

ahblack said...

Gerb, your welcome (because it belongs to you) and you deserve it. But you'll have to thank Rebecca as it was her idea combined with subtle persuasion.

Swell guy??? I'm sure I would like to believe it and I like praise as well as anyone, so gracias Rebecca. I hope you two have a great time...without buying up all the junk in Seattle.

ahblack said...

Good try Cami, but I'm afraid you're still stuck in R.S. for a while. Everyone knows Rob is the funnest guy in town.

Cami said...

Allen, I was meaning that you need to give Rob some tips on how to surprise/impress his wife. Namely, me!

Gina said...

I will only teach you my scrapbooking ways if you teach me how you live life with such humor and grace all wrapped into one!