Monday, September 17, 2007

Getting Ready For Halloween

Allen and I have never been very festive when it comes to decorating for holidays. This is more a factor of time than anything else, I think. However, last year Allen decided we should decorate the house for Halloween. "Sure," I said. "The kids can help us make a few decorations during family home evening." We traced and cut out bats to tape on the windows. They were pretty cool. But Allen had something more in mind. He made the large witch cut-out to put over the front window, complete with green light in the background. (you can see our cool bat cut-outs, too.)
He constructed 4 tombstones from plywood, rebar, paint, and fake blood to include in our own little cemetery, right in our front yard. He cut out the sign and created the fence from posts and wire. This was still under construction as the first trick-or-treaters appeared last Halloween night.
This ghost was made from a wire frame and an old sheet. It was attached to a pulley and the string came into the bedroom, enabling us to move the ghost up and down. There was a black light shining onto the ghost to help it really stand out.
Our pumpkins were all carved with scary faces to fit the haunted house theme, and lined the stairs to the front door.
This skeleton prisoner was created from a skull and a bag of random bones, wired together. Allen built a body from boards, complete with ribs. I made the orange jumpsuit while Allen wired red Christmas lights into the eye sockets and built a gallows to hang him from over our garage.

Throw in a fog machine, some dry ice and a CD of spooky sounds, and we had quite a Halloween display!

But that was last year. Allen has had a whole year to think about other spooks and decor to add to the mix. More skeletons, coffins, a grim reaper...the possibilities are endless! We're going to have to start setting up at least a week in advance this year.

So, come Halloween, stop by for some treats...and maybe a few unexpected tricks!

We're dying to see you....


Rebecca said...

Oh man, I wish I could stop by! I'm not surprised to see you guys go all out like that, only to see it happen for a holiday like Halloween! My mom's dad and brothers LOVE Halloween. My grandpa used to dress in his gorilla costume, climb up into the big tree in their front yard, and then jump out and scare the neighborhood kids as they were Trick-or-Treating. I never got to see it in person because we never lived close by, but I bet he would have loved to be a part of your spooky set-up!

Cami said...

I love the
"MMMUUUUUUUUAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA!!!!!" evil laughter. It reminds me of our not-so-evil plans for girls camp. I am sooooo excited for fall. It is by far my favorite season. This year we even grew our own pumpkins. The big one weighed in at 79 lbs.! We cut 4 off the vine, and now we have about 3 or 4 more growing! I also saved my corn stalks. I should have a fun display on my porch. Be on the look out.

annette said...

What an amazing setup! Last year I stayed home and handed out treats while Rob had the fun taking everyone around. But, this year it's my turn and I look forward to seeing both of your displays! Are you going to dress up? After seeing Pirates 3, I'm thinking about being a pirate- Elisabeth Swan-like. That or Eowan from Lord of the Rings.

Julie said...

I love how casually you say, "I made the orange jumpsuit..." A mother of 8 can just whip up an orange jumpsuit in nothing flat. Sheesh! You make us the rest of us look bad. ;-)

I LOVE your Halloween stuff! Very cool. Makes me excited for October to come! Two of my boys have October birthdays, and I swear they were born with a love for Halloween and everything to do with it.