Monday, July 2, 2007

I Proclaim to the World...Rebecca = B.F.F. !!

This is one of my BFF (Best Friends Forever). Her name is Rebecca. The above picture is her cute family shot from Christmas of last year. One of my favorite things about Christmas is that I get REAL MAIL almost everyday. Lots of family updates and Christmas cards and pictures. LOVE IT!! All of the pictures go up on our door-to-the-garage (it's magnetized - a beautiful thing) until after the holidays are over. Then I carefully select which photos to throw away (I know, it's an abomination), which to put in my file, and which to leave up until a new one will replace them the following Christmas. THIS PICTURE IS STILL ON MY DOOR! The only other non-family members I have there are 1: Julie's family, a BFF from elementary school to the present day, and 2: Trish's kids, a BFF from Middle School to the present day (remember the story about her Anna and my Allen?). That's it! And can I tell you why? Rebecca is just that kind of friend.

And here are a few reasons why she will ALWAYS be a BFF. Rebecca, read up.

1. Who but a BFF would I trust to care for my baby EG while I walked a 50/20 (50 miles in 20 hours)?

2. She approved of and knew about EG's name before I even brought it to Allen for consideration.

3. Allen and I flew to Washington for my birthday to visit and I was spoiled rotten with great food, bargain shopping, games galore, a delightful Easter and wonderful visiting. It was one of the best vacations I have ever had in my life. No kidding.

4. For a glorious but much too short period of time, we were co-camp-assistants. We had a blast planning a Winter Camp and driving the other young women leaders (and some young women) crazy as we stayed up all night playing loud, obnoxious games with the girls.

5. When Rebecca's family moved to Washington, it took me almost a full year before I could even speak to the people who purchased their home. I somehow saw it as their fault that Rebecca was gone, and could not forgive them for it.

6. How many friends do you have who still remember your birthday every year and send a thoughtful gift for the occasion? (Still loving the WICKED C.D., Rebecca! Thanks.)

7. We both love Thrifty's Chocolate Malted Crunch, which can only be purchased south of Mesquite. Enough said.

8. We sing karaoke together and love it. We are natural performers, and our voices blended wonderfully when we sang together at church that one time. Gotta love that. Why didn't we do that more often?

9. We both love board games, especially Settlers of Cataan, much to the dismay of our spouses.

10. Our husbands are friends, and let me ask you, does it get any better (or make it easier to be BFF) than that??

The list is endless. The thing with me is this: once I decide you're my friend, you have no choice in the matter. You're stuck, Rebecca. You hear me? STUCK. FOR. EVER.

And someday, when we're rolling in the millions, we'll go on that cruise with our hubbies and sweep the talent competition like nobody's business.

Me: Deal?

You: Deal.

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Rebecca said...

Aw, shucks, Gerberta....Now you've got me blushing! ;) But I'll get over it, maybe by the fourth or fifth time I re-read it. (Read it twice already.) I love that picture of us in the snow. It just shows perfectly how much fun it is to be your friend! (If it looks at all like I'm crying at the same time as I'm laughing hysterically, that's because Katie Flanagan had just dunked me head-first in the snow, and I was quite numb and in shock.) Ah, good times!