Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Look, Mom, No Hands!

Yes, it's true. Our cute little CD has become a regular walking member of the family! She's been walking for a couple of weeks now and she's still a couple weeks shy of her first birthday. It is the cutest thing to see this little person walking around like a big person. It's like having a full-grown kid in a teeny little body. Her personality comes out more and more each day.

She has a rivalry with HH, both vying for mom's attention, but she can hold her own.

She gets mad when I try to take her picture, because I'm talking cutesy to her and telling her what a doll she is, how smart she is, but I'm not picking her up.

She loves to play (for lack of a better word) fetch. Throw one of her stuffed bunnies and she'll retrieve it for you. It is the most adorable thing. (See, kids, I told you we didn't need a smelly dog!)

She is as in love with milk as her brother, HH. If I get it out of the fridge for any reason, she starts to squeal and bounce and walk as fast as her stubby legs can carry her to the kitchen.
She enjoys chasing our bird, Buddy, around the room. And Buddy plays along, always staying just out of reach. (I know what you're thinking, "Gerb's a softy! She got a pet!" Better than a stinky, shedding dog or a bossy, hairy cat. And, really, don't even get me started on cats. I don't care if you like them. That's fine. But I'll never change my opinion - it has been cemented even more strongly due to the fact that we live so close to a veritable cat breeding ground. But don't get me started on that, either. Seriously.)

CD also has excellent taste in music. When the good stuff is playing, she's a dancing machine.

She can change the entire atmosphere of a room with a smile or her laugh.

When those big, bright eyes look up into mine, I wonder what she knows that I don't. There is unconditional love and trust there, and wisdom beyond her years.

And that's saying a lot, since she doesn't even have one year under her belt yet.

(sigh). I love being a mom.


Rebecca said...

She looks like the Gerber Baby in that firt pic. Gerber Baby, Gerberta's Baby...pretty close!!
I love being a mom, too. :)

Michelle said...

Gerb--I am completely 100% jealous!!! You are such the cutest Mom!!!! I just love hearing about your family!!!

Julie said...

She's darling! I can tell exactly which family she belongs to....

annette said...

What a cutie! I also love having a tiny, little person around. You can tell exactly what they are thinking. So fun to watch, I never tire of it. You'd think after 6, it would get old, but instead I love it all the more. I think it reminds me of when my other ones were so little, and I miss it.

batman said...

i also love her little squat stand dance she does whenever she hears music.