Thursday, September 6, 2007

Inquiring Minds Want to Know...

I have read the first two books in the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer, and I will be the first to admit that I was hooked. I read both books in 3 days and finished the second book, New Moon, the day that the third book, Eclipse, was released. I HAD to read it. However, I couldn't bring myself to buy it because I must read a book before I buy it. This usually means I find it at the library or borrow it from a friend.

I believe I am currently #3,249 on the hold list at the library for Eclipse. And Madison won't let me borrow her copy unless I let EM join Girl Scouts. (which I would be more inclined to do if they didn't have to sell a bajillion boxes of cookies every year, by the way.)

So, as I have patiently waited to acquire a copy of this book, I have had time to think about it. A lot of time. And some things don't make sense anymore. So, please, if you could help me out, here is what I want to know:

(warning: these questions will sound ridiculous to anyone who is unfamiliar with these books. And some questions may give things away if you haven't read the books yet. Just thought you'd like to know.)

1. Does Bella finally become a vampire in Eclipse? Because I'm not so sure I want to read it if she doesn't at least try.

2. If Bella is truly, irrevocably in love with Edward, why is she so disgusted with the idea of being married to him? I am a female, and I know how (some) females think. Most females, if they are so sure of their feelings and immensely in love with someone that they would put their life on the line for them, or become a vampire to be with them forever, marriage would be a welcome proposition. What's her problem?

In fact, Bella is starting to get on my nerves. What is it that Edward sees in her, besides the fact that she smells so appetizing? Is his attraction based on the fact that he can't read her thoughts? Or that she has NO self-esteem? (I guess that can be question 3.)

And now some commentary... (warning again: MAJOR SPOILERS on Book 2 here...)

New Moon held my interest at the beginning, up to the point where Bella saves Edward and they are flying home from the big vampire domain under the foreign city where unsuspecting tourists are eaten for lunch. After that point, I continued reading voraciously for one reason alone: Question #1. (Does Bella become a vampire?) Let me draw an analogy here. Reading the remainder of New Moon was like watching a soap opera. I once had to endure Days of Our Lives for a couple of weeks while my mom was visiting, and when I saw part of the show a year later, the same things were happening. The plot never moved forward. To be fair, the Twilight books have much better character development. But the plot at the end was like this: Edward is a vampire. Jacob is a werewolf. Jacob hates Edward. Edward tolerates Jacob because he loves Bella. Bella's father hates Edward, but loves Jacob. Bella doesn't understand why anyone loves her. Bella wants to become a vampire. No way, says Edward. Why not? says Edward's family. And on and on.

Please, if you have read Eclipse, could you help me out and give away the ending?

When the time comes, I'll buy a box of your Girl Scout cookies.


blinker the super hero said...

thats awesome mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

blinker the super hero said...


Cami said...

First of all, let me guess. Blinker is Kobe.

Now to answer your questions.

1. In Eclipse, does Bella finally become a vampire?

I don't know; I haven't read Eclipse yet. But I am dying to find out, too! Half of me wants her to be a vampire, but the other half of me is opposed to the idea.

2. Why is Bella disgusted at the idea of marrying Edward?

I have no idea. Obvioulsy she loves him, and wants to be with him. You saw what happened when he left her. She was a mess, a mental basket case.
The only reason I can think of as to why she wouldn't want to marry him is because of the marriage between her mom and her dad. She obviously had a bad example of marriage, and therefore never wants to get married.

3. Why is Edward attracted to Bella?

Bella is Edward's "singer."
"Her blood sings for him" (taken directly from New Moon pg. 490).

As far as I understand, a "singer" to the vampires would be much like a soulmate to us. They are meant for each other.

So, that's my 2 cents worth. Hope it was helpful. What do you think?

Cami said...

I concur. The ending was much too soap opera-ish.

Rebecca said...

You really wanna know? I've read Eclipse. It's sooo wordy...but at the same time I didn't want it to end. I won't come right out and say whether or not Bella becomes a vampire. Just suffice it to say that the author has decided that Eclipse is not the end of the saga.

Rebecca said...

By the way, I should specify that it's Rebecca Jensen who is responding!

ahblack said...

Gerberta, the irony of Eclipse is that, like you, Bella finds she's really in love with a "Black guy" instead of the dreamy vampire dude.

annette said...

I found Eclipse, in hard back form at WalMart for $12.48. You may borrow it from me today if you want. I need to get New Moon for Anna, cause she just finished Twilight, but they only had Eclipse, so she won't need it for a while.

LOVE reading your blogs!

annette said...

I know this is a funny request, but I don't have your e-mail and I can't seem to publish my comment on c-jane's site (no word verification comes up). I don't know what the deal is, but could you please cut and paste the following comment on her blog for me under "What Queen E. said...". Thank you so much. I hope I figure out what's with it soon, but I didn't want to miss out on commenting on this special blog. Besides, Elle told me that you like to get lots of comments. Well, now you've gotten 2 from me!
Thanks a bazillian! Here goes:

(The following is actually from Annette via. Gerb)

Yea!!!! Woo hoo!!! :) I am so happy for you! Anna is thrilled and she wants you to know she loves to baby-sit, has lots of experience, and misses you a lot!

Gerb got me reading your blog (thanks Gerb!). You are such a talented writer!

We all miss you, esp. GT. (We have our own classroom now- it's cool!) Drop by sometime.

XOX Annette
(PS. For some reason, my computer won't let me post on your site, a word verification doesn't come up. IDK why. So, Gerb. is posting this for me! Thank you Gerb!)

Tip Junkie said...

Great post. I thought Eclipse should have started where it ended. ;) I'm an Edward fan myself.

Lizzie said...

Just to tell you, you can download both Eclipse and Breaking Dawn online. I have both on my computer and can send them to you via e-mail or rapidshare or whatnot. My address is, so if you're interested, e-mail me!

I know this offer probably sounds kida shifty, but I understand the frustration of having to wait for library books, especially ones that are bound to be on a HUGE waiting list, and I really want to help out :)

Amber said...

I have Eclipse if you want to borrow it.

Sploozy said...

"La tua Cantanta" is how Edward says it to Alice on page 491 when he explains it.
OH god, how romantic can it get? I want to be a vampires 'Singer".....