Thursday, September 21, 2017

If the Shoe Fits...

You see these shoes here? This pair of Chucks have been around for as long as I can remember. I can't recall if I bought them in junior high or high school, but I know they have been around for a good, long time.

They are obviously well-loved. The rubber soles have started to crack in places, the canvas fabric has become faded, weather-worn and fragile. They are torn, frayed, and holey. But I just can't bring myself to get rid of them, no matter how tattered they become. They hold so many memories. If they were still in good condition I could donate them to a thrift store, but the best place for them would likely be a trash can. (It hurts me to even say that.)

When I wear them, I look down and see the shoes I wore on my first date. I see the shoes I wore on my first road trip with friends. I see the shoes I was wearing when I broke my leg and had a baby on the same day. They are not just the pair of old, worn out shoes that others see. To me, they are memory keepers.

People are like that, too. Sometimes, on the outside, they look a little worse for the wear. But when we take the time to get to know someone, we learn the story behind the facade. Every person has a unique story, experiences that only they have had and only they can share.

The next time you see someone in a pair of old, ratty shoes, think of the stories they could tell.

(Both the person and their shoes.)


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Anaise said...

My mom has a gift for finding the story behind the person. Because of her I've been working on developing that gift myself.

I can't believe your shoes have lasted that long, though!!!!