Monday, September 18, 2017

Sowing and Sewing

In the course of working on costumes for the show my daughter is in at her high school, my sewing machine went kaput. I mean, there I was, sewing a waistband onto a skirt, when BAM. No power. It completely shut down. I tried plugging my machine into various outlets around the house, hoping that somehow one of them would have a magic power source that would bring it back to life. My attempts were unsuccessful.

My sewing machine is 25 years old. It was a gift to me from my husband's grandmother, along with lessons to learn how to use it. That meant so much to me to receive such a gift back then. I taught myself to make simple things at first, small patchwork quilts and pillows, and then got brave and tried things like maternity clothes and then dresses for my girls when they were small. Since then I have sowed that talent to where I feel pretty comfortable trying just about anything. All on this little machine.

I sent a frantic text to Allen, detailing all my fruitless efforts to revive my machine. His simple response was this: Time for a new one.

I love that man.

I went to a local Bernina store in search of a used, newer machine that would hopefully last me another 25 years. I found some great options, then Allen reminded me that his brother buys/fixes/sells Berninas as a side job/hobby. So I contacted my brother-in-law and, long story short, ended up with the Rolls-Royce of sewing machines at a steal of a price.

The creative possibilites before me are suddenly endless. I want to finish these costumes so I can start to design and construct the ideas that keep floating around in my brain!

As for my old machine, I am still planning to pay the small fee to get it running again. Like an old friend who has taught me a lot, I can't just leave it behind.

And with my new machine? I can't wait to reap from what I sew.

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Anaise said...

I was in the middle of a thoughtful comment when I hit a wrong button . . . :(

Anyway . . . may you have many more years of joyful creating ahead!