Monday, September 25, 2017

Dressing My Daughters

                                         Girls shirt, size 14                      Boys shirt, size 8

I took this cute girl birthday shopping on Saturday. She wanted to find a couple of new shirts for school, so we hit one of our standard shopping places - JC Penney. There are a few reasons I typically like to shop here.

1. It is super close to our house.
2. They almost always have awesome coupons available.
3. They have a lot of great sales.

First we hit the girls' section and found a couple of nice tops, including the floral top with the grey sleeves. It was hard to find them amongst all the glitter and flippy sequins and cute sayings in cursivey fonts, but we persevered. We found her typical size, 10/12, the one that coincides with her age and is usually the right fit.

Next we ventured into the boys' area because she typically finds clothes that she REALLY likes over there - ones that have to do with Star Wars or science and the like. We found the awesome Star Wars shirt pictured above, grabbed the 10/12 size, and headed to the dressing room.

She tried on the floral shirt first. It was too short, in the front and in the sleeves. We thought it must have been a fluke with that shirt and got another one in the same size. Same problem. Finally I got her a size 14 to try on and it was a perfect fit (as long as it doesn't shrink at all after we wash it).

When she tried on the Star Wars shirt, it was way too large. The front came down to her fingertips and the sleeves just hung on her. So I went and got a size 8 (Small) and guess what? It fit great. Even if it shrinks a little in the wash, it will still be a good fit.

Do you see the problem here? A girl's size 14 fit just a tad smaller and tighter than a boy's size 8.

Can we also address the shirts with the flippy sequins on them? Does anyone else see why this is a terrible idea?

And don't get me started on pants. Both Princess and Curly preferred buying boys joggers in khaki and camo over the girl's pants that were skin tight and available in every color under the rainbow.

I get how supply and demand works, so I can only assume that people everywhere are clamoring to buy their girls these kind of clothes. Or are they? Are we just buying what's available because that's what is there? Because that's what the designers and suppliers and retail stores want us to buy?

Not me.

This is why I love to shop at thrift stores, especially for my girls. There is a wide variety of styles available, there is almost always something that fits what my family likes, and as a bonus - we know how the clothes will fit after being washed.

I'll tell you what, though - if I could find a store that didn't sell to stereotypes I would love to shop there and support them. Girls dresses that have sleeves and reach their knees would be amazing. Girls pants that are loose-fitting and comfortable would be a dream. Girls pants that are made like boys joggers would be all my girls would wear! Girls tops featuring things like science and dinosaurs would be great! Actually, I would just be happy to find some girls t-shirts that have a fun design that does not include glitter.

So, the search is on.


Kara said...

I hear you! That's why I love the yoga clothing revolution... and pre teen girls can get in on, too. Stretchy, Comfy... not weird sizing :)

Sister Pottymouth said...

H&M had my favorite jeans for my daughter, but then they stopped selling them in the girls' section. The jeans available were skin tight and had no pockets, not to mention the low waist. So I checked the boys' section: there were the favorite jeans. So I bought her boys jeans. They are exactly the same as the older pair I bought from the girls' section. And I also bought her some boys' shorts just so she wouldn't have to wear booty shorts. Ugh. It drives me nuts to see the skimpy clothes available for my little girl.

Anaise said...

Try this site:

Blogful said...

Shout it from the rooftops when you find it. We need it too!!