Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Case of the Punctured Pointer (and the Split Spectacles)

Cowgirl called me from school yesterday afternoon. Here's how the conversation went:

Me: Hello?

Cowgirl: Hey Mom! It's Cowgirl. So, I guess you need to come pick me up from school because I was sewing and a needle went in my finger. (Laughter.)

Me: So, like, you sewed through your finger? Or it poked your finger?

Cowgirl: Yeah, I pretty much sewed through my finger. (Laughter.) And I guess they want you to come pick me up from school?

Me: Um, yeah. OK. On my way.

Then I called the doctor's office to see what they thought I would need to do. Because I've poked my finger with a needle while sewing before and yes, it hurts, but it eventually just heals. They checked on her tetanus shots and she was current there. Then they asked, "Did the needle actually puncture her finger? Did it go all the way through?" Well, I wasn't sure. So I called the school back.

Me: Hi, this is Cowgirl's mom. She's a student who got poked by a needle?

Office Gal: Oh, yes, she's right here!

Me: She said I need to come and get her, but I'm kind of unclear on some details. Like, did the needle actually puncture her finger? Because she's all current on her tetanus shots and everything.

Office Gal: Oh! You definitely want to come get her. She needs to be seen by a doctor to get the needle out.

Me: Get it out?

Office Gal: Yes! It broke off into her finger. It went all the way through her finger and the end is sticking out!

Me: Thank you. Yeah. I'm on my way.

So, long story short, Cowgirl pulled her hand away when the needle went through her finger and the end of it broke off. There was lots of giddy excitement at the doctor's office among the staff and Cowgirl (I'm not even kidding) and the needle came out nice and easy and then we got an x-ray to make sure there were no needle-pieces left in her finger (all clear!) and now we just need to soak the finger a few times a day and put some ointment on it and she'll be just fine.

The most amazing thing to me was how well she handled the whole thing. Not even one bit of freaking out. She was more fascinated than anything. She even insisted on going back to school after everything was checked out and given the all-clear.

UPDATE: Apparently there was not enough excitement at our house yesterday. I needed to do my grocery shopping yesterday but was sidetracked by Cowgirl's mishap so I ran to pick up some essentials after getting the kids home from school. When I arrived home Hubba told me that he and Princess were playing very gently with a lightsaber and somehow his glasses broke. 

Of course he is my only child who needs glasses full-time to function. The good news was that the warranty on these expires in two days (nice timing!) so the repairs (complete replacement of the frame) will be free. The bad news is he will be without glasses for at least a week.


Richard & Natalie said...

I think Cowgirl has a future in the medical field! Pretty cool stuff. Sorry about the glasses. Bummer.

Jerri-Lynn Peterson said...

Playing very "gently" with a light saber!!