Monday, May 2, 2016

Spirit Bowl

Our local high school had spirit week last week, which is a competition between each graduating class. There is usually some kind of theme that goes along with it. This year the theme was music and each class represented a different genre. The seniors were rock, juniors were disco, sophomores were rap and the freshmen were country. On Friday they held the Spirit Bowl, an assembly where they all go head to head with videos they have created, dances they have practiced, etc. Of course, every student is encouraged to show their school spirit by dressing up for the spirit bowl as well.

Cowgirl was pretty excited about the country theme and put together this cute ensemble for Friday:

All-a-Boy was also excited about the theme of disco and throughout the week was trying to decide on how to make his outfit perfect. All I knew for sure was that he would be wearing my roller skates and our afro wig. I wasn't there on Friday morning when the kids left the house, so I didn't get to see them in all their splendor until after school. Here's what All-a-Boy looked like:

I still can't get over those pants. Or the matching ascot.

The high school is about 3 miles from our house, but All-a-Boy decided to roller skate home that day - in full disco gear. I can only imagine what people thought as he skated by. 


Anaise said...

Your kids are AWESOME!!!!

Jerri-Lynn Peterson said...

They have the best costumes! Cowgirl dressed up as a cowgirl is perfect and that disco boy is stylin