Wednesday, September 4, 2013

How To Ask To Homecoming

Will you GOAT to Homecoming with me?

Thumbelina got asked to homecoming on Saturday.  With a goat.  A GOAT!!!

There was a note asking her to please leave her porch for a few minutes after seeing the goat so that it could be retrieved.  (MUCH better thinking than The "Bunny" Incident a couple of years ago.)  The goat was bleating (is that what goats do? Baaaahing?  Mehhhhing?) as if on cue when she opened the door.  I would even venture to say that it was pretty cute.  

After debating how she could answer with live animals (No LION - I'd love to go to homecoming! or COW could I say no?) and then realizing she had no access to a lion or a cow, she responded with a loaf of banana bread: I would LOAF to go to homecoming with you!

I love how creative the kids around here are when asking to dances.  So much better than how it worked when I was in high school... which was not getting asked at all. 

(Okay, I got asked.  Maybe twice.  But those are stories for another day.)


Libby Thomas said...

Oh my gosh! They're growing up so fast!!

And just saying that made me feel 50 years old.

Rebecca said...

Way to go, Goat Boy. That is original.

But I do feel for these high schoolers who feel the pressure to come up with something original and clever every time they want to ask someone to a dance. I'm not good at math, but lots of kids x 5 dances per school year = running out of ideas (or resorting to borrowing zoo animals)!

Just SO said...

That is crazy fun! I hope she has a great time at the dance :)

Rachel said...

Are bunny boy and goat boy related?? I have chickens she could have used. :)

Petersons said...

Wow. The animals keep getting bigger! I wonder what the next one will be?

Anaise said...

I'm with Rebecca and her comment about the pressure the kids feel to be so clever, but when inspiration strikes, it sure is fun!