Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Meet my friend Janet.  She and I grew up together in southern California.  Like me, her parents are both Deaf so we met when my family converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1980 and started attending a congregation filled with Deaf members and their families.  I spent many weekends at Janet's house in Southgate and she spent plenty of time at my family's apartment in Torrance as well.  We share a lot of great memories.

Janet's son just left to serve a church mission this year, like my Allen-the-younger.  You'll never guess where he was called to serve?  Okay, maybe you will guess.  Texas!  Same mission as my boy but different language.  How cool is that??

Janet happened to be in my town a couple of weeks ago and she called to see if she could stop by.  We hadn't seen each other in many, many years - but it didn't matter!  We visited for a good 5 hours before she had to leave and it wasn't long enough.

There are some friends who you can go for years without seeing and it doesn't matter one bit.  You just pick up where you left off and you laugh together until your face aches and your sides hurt and you share stories of what's transpired in the time you've been apart and for the short time that you get to be together all is right with the world.  That's how it was with Janet.

Have you ever felt homesick, not necessarily for a place, but more for a time in the past and the people who were a part of it?  Being with Janet brought back so many happy thoughts and fond memories.  Thanks for your visit Janet!  It was just what I needed.  You are good for my soul.  

Me and Janet at a church Halloween party somewhere around a million years ago.

Me and Janet in my backyard a couple of weeks ago.


Pam Farley said...

YAY for old friends!

Rachel said...

Happy smiles. Old friends. Yup! Good times and starting where you left off..... love it.

Anaise said...

How fun!

Did I remember to tell you that your son's mission president came from my stake? I thought that was pretty cool.