Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Texas Tea Party

The day that our families went to the Astros game one of my nieces had a church activity where a tea party was planned. She really wanted to go but some of us would have to stay behind. I suggested that we have a tea party at their house instead and everyone was happy with that - even the older girls who we let create and prepare the food.

While the princesses went to find proper attire for such an occasion (including clothes for all of the little princes) the girls prepared this feast:

When they were called down for their tea party each princess was escorted down by a young prince.

Once they were seated the older girls served each guest their finger foods...

...which all proper royalty knew to eat with their pinkies up.

Okay, some ate with their pinkies down. But whatever. They were sure cute doing it.

And, honestly, what tea party is complete without chocolate milk and bendy straws?

And they all lived happily ever after.


Brown Thumb Mama said...

Right on, Hubba! Chocolate milk with a bendy straw is a serious commitment.

Rachel said...

Well something has to bend and if isn't our pinkies then by all means! A bendy straw!!! :) I think the chocolate milk is brilliant.


Shannon said...

Your kids are so bleepin' cute, it's just not even funny. What I really love, though, is Ell's goofy faces in all of her photos. She's fabulous.